Google Is Working On A ‘Singlish’ Google Assistant For Their New Smartphones

We never thought we’d see this day coming, but yes, Google is creating a Singlish Google Assistant for us to use on their funky new Pixel smartphones.

In case you also didn’t know, Google’s bringing their Pixel smartphone here next month. We’re talking about the latest model, by the way – that’s Pixel 2 XL.

Here’s everything you simply have to know about the crazy feature that’s going to be personalized just for our country!

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All About The Latest Google Assistant

You could say that Google Assistant is like iPhone’s Siri, only far more advanced. Consider this for a moment; if you want to do a Google Search, all you have to do is verbally ask your Google Assistant a question.

Want to check the status of your flight before you leave the house? Google Assistant’s got you covered.

And don’t let me get started about its translation finding capabilities – you’re covered for more than one hundred languages!

You’ve also kind of got your own personal helper with you while you’re on the go. Want your workout playlist to hit it off while you’re lifting at the gym? Tell your tech buddie, and it’ll play before you know it.

Image: International Business Times

If you’ve later on invested in Google Home, you’d also be able to tell Google Assistant to dim the lights in your apartment. Send a message, anytime, anywhere with this latest piece of work from Google.

We hear it works well with a bunch of other apps to – think Uber, Netflix, YouTube and PayPal too.

What Would the Singlish Version Be Like, Hah?

You won’t have to be surprised if Google Assistant understands terms like “bo jio”, “talk cock”, and “bo hee hae ma ho”.

At the same time, we can’t help but wonder if there’ll be hiccups on the Assistant, and will it be able to understand us in all our unadulterated Singlish glory.

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Other Features of Google Pixel Smartphones

While we are all truly itching to get our hands on Google’s Singlish Assistant, it’d be good to know about the phone that supports it – Pixel 2 XL.

Only this model will be available here, but hey, it’s the bigger of the two so we’re definitely not going to complain.

The partnership’s with Singtel, and the device will launch here on Nov 15. As the phone’s logged in as a Cat 11 4G LTE gadget, its users would be able to experience super-fast data speed. We’re talking at a number of 500Mbps all over the country.

The phone doesn’t give you a wireless charging option, but you do have a pretty sturdy battery which can stand for up to 7 hours from a mere 15 minutes of charging.

The colours coming here are Black and White and Just Black. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Pixel smartphone, sign up and show your interest in it by entering your details at

Wah, more than a month to go still. So long to wait for the Singlish comprehending smartphone!

Google, you really powderful lah!

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