Google Phone is Finally Coming to S’pore. Here Are 10 Facts You Should Know

Smartphone users, it’s time to pop the bottle and rejoice, coz a new player is coming to town. Google has recently made a joint announcement with a major telecommunications company here to bring its Pixel smartphone over.

That’s like the first time Google is finally selling their phones here. At least, officially.

Here’s 10 things you wish you’d known yesterday!

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The First South East Asian Country to Have the Smartphone
Yes, we now have bragging rights that the Pixel smartphone’s gonna be here FIRST, and nowhere else in the SEA region! Hey you Apple fanboys, you aren’t the only one who can make this claim now!

The Model Ranges
Well, the Pixel smartphone comes in two models – you’d be looking at either the Pixel 2, or the Pixel 2 XL. Both phones have got really “powderful” specs without some fancy names: they’ll come with 4 GB Ram with a 12 MP camera. And as the name suggests, Pixel 2 XL is bigger than Pixel 2: one is 5 inch while the other is 6 inch. But here’s the bad news: only one of them would be available. Read on.

When Is It Going to Start Becoming Available?
Well, you’ll have to hold onto your existing smartphones until 15 Nov 2017. Also hor, the price is not out yet – so you don’t really know if it’s going to be affordable or if you have to empty your accounts.

But if you need to save up, here’s an agar agar range. They can’t be so far off in Singapore, right?

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Who’s the Official Carrier in Singapore?
Google’s Pixel smartphones are available through one single exclusive carrier here – good old Singtel. If you’re interested in the phone, you can show your interest for it by registering on Singtel’s page.

Special Singlish Features Wor
Don’t play play ah, later this year, Google’s gonna activate a specific Google Assistant that can understand our own local Singlish terms you know. Step away, Siri. Go find your The Rock.

Any Features Not Available Here?
Yes, sadly the tinier version of Google Pixel called Pixel 2 won’t be sold here, as well as a couple of other hardware items – we’re talking about the Google Home Mini smart speakers and the 2-in-1 Chromebook convertible. Sob sob. Only the Pixel 2 XL will be available in Singtel – at least that’s the plan so far.

The Google Translate Mode
Imagine this for a moment – you’ve got a set of headphones that will not only understand what you say, but also translate what you speak over it back into your ears using its Pixel Buds. This supports not a couple of languages, but 40 DIFFERENT ones! That’s like yet another technology from Star Trek becoming reality again: the universal translater.

The Phone’s Pretty Solid Too
According to its creators, the Pixel phones are rated as dust and water resistant. The IP67 version carries the affirmation that it can stay in water for up to half an hour and come up still in working order! Previous Pixel models like the IP53 could only stand being splashed, so the phone’s certainly evolved.

Extra Perks for Users
Imagine, if you own a Google Pixel, you’d get complimentary and UNLIMITED storage for your original pics and videos on the Google Photos app that’ll keep you covered until 2020 ends. After that, you’re pretty much looking at the same free and limitless high-Q facility storage, but just for the pictures.

How Much Storage Ah?
Well, both models come with either 64GB or 128GB of its own internal capacity in terms of storage. It also uses the most recent Android 8.0 Oreo platform, which was the home screen pretty close to the search bar on the bottom end of the screen.

So, are you excited about the new phone? Just slightly over month to wait and see it live!

But one thing is for sure: two Goody Feed team members, one holding on to Xiaomi and one holding on to Oppo, are going to get it.

Those Apple and Samsung fanboys don’t give a damn at all.

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