Gosh, S’pore’s 卫国先锋 is Called S’pore’s Answer to DotS. We NSmen Disapprove

Disclaimer: I’m not going to diss 卫国先锋; it’s a drama that lots of Singaporeans went crazy over. My boss (who’s an NSman, btw) included.

Now you know why there’s a disclaimer.

Shot to commemorate NS50, it’s a drama about reservist in Singapore, or In-Camp Training (ICT) if you prefer the official term.

It shows a myriad of characters from different walks of life, including a boss who’s a lance corporal (LCP) in NS and a subordinate who’s an OC of his boss.

And, of course, young people who don’t see the point of joining the SAF and training so hard when there’s no war.

Everyone went so crazy over this drama it became one of the top 10 dramas of the year.

Image: toggle.sg

In an article by Star2, it’s known to be an “answer to Descendants of the Sun

Okay, that we disagree.

But we, NSMen, disapprove of this comparison.

Because it’s not real. At least not for most of us.

At least DoTS did it the right way and designate Captain Yoo Shi Jin as Big Boss of a Special Forces Unit.

Image: kccsupportersblog.wordpress.com

So even if the Korean army guys in the drama did crazy, over-the-top and super-unrealistically cool stuff, they’re special forces.

‘Nuff said.

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(Or maybe it’s not realistic, but who knows?)

Not 卫国先锋 though.

The drama painted all of us NSMen as garang soldiers who still behaved as though we’re NSFs.

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

Guys, if you’ve been through reservist, you’ll know that OCs in ICT rarely scold you anymore.

Active period = xiong AF. Reservist = soft approach, CNY-gathering style.

Everyone except the writers of this drama knew that. Probably.

This OC himself reservist some more leh.

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

Nope, not going to happen. If you can’t pass your IPPT, go out RT lor. Window close ah? Come, wait for letter and go to CMPB in your Smart 4 to get charged.

But at least the drama got one important thing right.

Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Channel 8)

Losing your magazine will still get you into serious shit, so don’t lose it, okay?

NSHack101: Remove your magazine from your rifle and put in your magazine pouch on route marches. Save yourself the grief, yeah?

But one thing for sure, it might not be Singapore’s answer to DoTS, but it’s a damn good drama on its own. Just don’t compare it to DotS, whereby there’s a great love story and many cool AF scenes. Agree?

If you haven’t seen the series yet, you can watch it for free at Toggle.

You’re welcome!

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