Grey’s Anatomy is now Available on Netflix Singapore

If you are a Netflix user, you would have known that the media library isn’t as extensive as the US counterpart.

Singapore’s Netflix doesn’t carry the popular series such as The Nanny, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ugly Betty.

And some people have to resort to dubious websites, where the quality of the clip is lacklustre and not to mention, they don’t even have subtitles (we have to blame the latter on Netflix tbh).

But, the team is slowly but surely expanding their media library.

Just a few months back, they added the widely-raved series, FRIENDS, all 10 season!


Gaining such popularity over that, they have decided to add another cult US series.

Grey’s Anatomy

Yes, the medical drama that never fails to stir your feelings is finally on Netflix.


*spoilers ahead*

You will be able to witness the magic of Seattle Grace Hospital (which will have its name changed, not once but twice) all over again, from Izzie falling in love with a patient (Denny) to Christina Yang hooking up with the head cardiothoracic surgeon, DR Preston Burke.


But you won’t be able to see the gut-wrenching episode where George O’Malley gets hits by truck and dies or DR Derek Sheperd aka McDreamy’s untimely death.

Why is that so?

As of writing time, only season 1,2, 12 and 13 are available but I am sure they will expand it soon enough.

If you’re a superfan of the show, watching the first season will be a retrospective, cathartic experience, at least for me.


And in the wise words of the iconic Grey’s Anatomy theme song, nobody knows where they might end up.

I know it is not relevant, but I’ve always wanted to use that line to end an article.

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