Guy Shared How to Act Rich on Instagram ‘Coz Everyone Wants to be an Influencer

Image: Shammi and Friends Facebook Page

You’ve seen plenty of How To Get Rich videos on Youtube and Facebook.

Like this one…

…or this one (okay, this one is more of what happens when you get rich – if you get rich, that is)…

And most of the time, it doesn’t work.

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Well, somebody decided to get real and do a video that works. A video that shows you how to pretend to be rich.

On Instagram, that is.

Man Shows Tried-And-True Process of Being Rich on Instagram Without Spending A Single Cent

So one day, a handsome young man decided that if you can’t be rich in real life, you can be online.

After all, fake it till you make it, right?

Step One: Find an Open House

You know how there are always new units always have an open house for prospective buyers to view? Go to one of them.

Typically, they’re also fully furnished and looks atas AF.

Pretend to be a rich dude viewing houses go in and start snapping away.

And if the house or unit comes with a pool.

P/S: Beach body optional.

Of course, in Singapore, you can do that at Sports Complexes too.


Just play around with the angle and try not to get screamed at by the lifeguards.

Step Two: Go Try Branded Items

Rich people stuff are pretty expensive to buy. But to try? That’s easy enough, as long as you have the guts and confidence to pull it off.

For example, a Rolex shop.

Would you look at that?

Step Three: Get Onto A Yacht

Nothing speaks rich man like having your own private yacht. Just ask the founder of SGInstaBabes.

Like what my handsome colleague would say, adopt a wise old man position and you’re good to go.

Just don’t try this in Singapore because going onto a yacht is like asking to get arrested. It’s called trespassing.

And it works.

Judging by the comments on his photos, people who aren’t used to his antics were convinced that he’s a rich kid.

And like what Yan from Yan can cook says, if he can do it, so can you!

You can watch the full video for yourself here.

So there you go.

A way to show off your wealthy lifestyle even if you don’t have the cash to. But try these ways at your own risk because, well, you might just get into trouble.

(Article continues below) Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean lady who decides to meet up with an online friend she found in Facebook. But it turns out that he’s not what he seems to be: Prepare boxes of tissue and watch the saddest Singapore Facebook love story here:

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Or…you can go the Daryl Aiden way and photoshop yourself into different places. As long as you credit the images and don’t caption it like you’re there, you should be pretty safe.

Of course, just to be safe, don’t call yourself a photographer. Be a photoshopper instead. #JustSaying

**All images from Image: Shammi and Friends Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.

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