HaiDiLao at Clarke Quay Suspended Due to Hygiene Issue

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Well, here’s something surprising to end the day. My editor, who’s a fan of Mala Hotpots and all forms of Chinese cuisine, just told me to prioritize this article over all others.

“Dude, HaiDiLao kena suspended by NEA sia!” my editor exclaimed, flinging the article onto my table.

My eyes widened as they scanned the text. According to a notice by NEA, a “Foodshop At 3D River Valley Road #02-04 Singapore 179023” has been suspended “Under The Points Demerit System”.

After some Googling work— well, this is indeed the address for HaiDiLao.

A report by Channel Newsasia has also confirmed that HaidiLao would be “closed for 50 days”.

Apparently, HaiDiLao “has accumulated 12 demerit points over the last 12 months and fined a total of $800 for the following offences”, as seen in the image below.

Image: nea.gov.sg

The best part? All food handlers working for this particular HaiDiLao store would be required to attend and pass the Basic Food Hygiene Course again before they would be allowed to resume work.

…that’s kinda like going to remedial classes for your bad performance in school ah.

And that’s a good thing, since you wouldn’t want a trip to a hotpot shop to land you in a hospital, right?

Image: channelnewsasia.com

“Closed for 50 days for renovation”?

Hey, nice try, HaiDiLao.

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Truth be told, I’ve never had a meal at HaiDiLao before, despite being told that the food there is pretty darn good.

Hence, I don’t really feel any loss. But this must really suck for those who had made a reservation for the Clarke Quay branch after 10th Feb.

I suppose you can consider going to their other branches at 313 Somerset, VivoCity, Royal Square or Plaza Singapura. But now I’m really wondering if the hygiene at these branches is up to standard too!

That being said, please remember to wash your hands before a meal too! You could at least do your best to watch your hygiene even if the restaurant you’re going to isn’t.

This isn’t the first time HaiDiLao faced such issue: last August, a summons was issued when a food handler handled food with his or her bare hands. That resulted in them opening their kitchen for the media and public to visit and inspect, as a form of assurance that they took the summons seriously.

Back then, it was unknown which outlet it was.

Guess history has repeated itself – just now this time, instead of opening their kitchen for the public, they’re…renovating.

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