Hidden Camera found Beijing Haidilao Outlets with Hygiene Issue

I‘m sure you’re familiar with Haidilaoao. If you’re not, you’re either stuck in the 80s or just not as trendy as Perez Hilton.

Just kiddingggg. Yours truly haven’t visited the place even once, so I’m not really the guy to judge you.

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Anyway, Haidilaoao is a Chinese steamboat chain that’s famous for primarily two things: their great-tasting food and exceptional service.

Seriously, which other restaurant provides manicures as part of their service? But of course, in return, be prepared to sacrifice your wallet.

Minimum spending is estimated to be at least an average of $35, but what else do you expect when the soup alone can cost up to S$20?

But I’m digressing; the point of this article is not to promote how popular Hai Di Lao is or how exceptional its service is.

Instead, it’s more of their bad side. In Beijing at least.

Hotpot chain Haidilao’s Beijing outlets involved in hygiene scandal

According to news agency Xinhua, two Hai Di Lao branches in the Chinese capital have been revealed to have operated in unsanitary conditions.

A hidden camera captured footage of a rat-infested kitchena dishwasher smeared with oily food remains and a worker trying to salvage a sewage clog with a food ladle.

Like… ewwww?

Image: Reply Candy

Strict food inspections

The Beijing Food and Drug Administration will conduct inspections over two weeks, and aim for both the chain’s outlets and food suppliers.

It will focus on Hai Di Lao’s business licenses, dishwashers, sanitation equipment and its pest-repelling methods.

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Hai Di Lao has been commanded to open its kitchens in a month and give an account of the new measures it plans to implement.

Sounds like a school kid who’s been caught cheating in an exam to me.

Its hygiene standards will also be knocked down a notch.


Hai Di Lao has issued a public apology last Friday, 25 August 2017.

Apart from admitting that it’s the management’s fault, they also promised customers that all its restaurants – China and abroad – would be keeping good hygiene standards.


Before you guys start treating Hai Di Lao like some rat-infested swarm (which technically it is, in Beijing anyway), note that the problem kids reside in Beijing, and not Singapore. It’s like KFC.

The fried chicken kinda sucks in Singapore, but it totally rocks in other countries. Same logic. (#sorrynotsorry KFC. We still love your DoubleDown, though)

And since Hai Di Lao promised that its restaurants would focus on hygiene from now on, I think we should give them a second chance.

Because seriously, which other steamboat restaurant offers manicures as part of their service??

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