Here’s A Nifty Hack To Stop Your Neighbour’s Damn WiFi From Slowing Yours Down

So you’re on Instagram or Facebook, but the picture just doesn’t want to load. Is your WiFi slowing down? It might be because your neighbours are using the same channel as you.

But you’re not on the same network as them, you say. However, those other devices can still interfere with yours.

WiFi Hack

WiFi signals are divided into channels, hence nearby devices on different networks can also be on the same channel. To not let other devices interfere with yours, you can try this hack at home.

For Mac users, firstly you have to hold down the Option key at the top of the screen and click on the WiFi in the Menubar. Then, select “Open Wireless Diagnostics”. Proceed to “Window” in the Menubar and click on “Scan”. 

Press “Scan Now” in the areas you are most likely to use WiFi. The Mac will recommend channels to use- Take note of them! 

You have to download the AirPort Utility app on your iPhone for it to work. Afterwards, enable its WiFi scanner in your phone’s settings. 

Use the app to scan your home. Take note of the popular channels already being used. 

For Windows Users, you can use Acrylic WiFi or on Android WiFi Analyser to scan on your Windows. Once you’ve scanned, log into your router. Type the router’s IP address into a browser address bar.

Find your basic wireless set-up, it should be one of the first options. Locate your network and change the channels to the recommended ones. Save the changes- and you’re done! 

If these steps are confusing, you may take a look at the video to guide you better. I know it’s a lot of steps to follow, but trust me – the fast WiFi speed is worth it! 

Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube videos as well? They’re so Singaporean, I bet you’ll like them!

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