IKEA Won’t Be Selling Chicken Wings Temporarily. Here’s What You Should Know

Unless you’re one of the few people who still think that IKEA is all about furniture, furniture and more furniture, you’ll know that IKEA has one of the best foods in Singapore—from their meatballs to their chicken wings. And not to mention that the prices are relatively affordable, too.

In fact, I’ve friends who visit IKEA just for the food, and they’re not foodies #goestoshowhowgoodtheirfoodis

Some people might associate IKEA with their social media puns, trolls and jokes, with the latest being the Balenciaga Ikea-esque bag. After all, their April Fool’s jokes had always made headlines.

But yesterday, IKEA wasn’t joking when they announced that one of their most popular foods, the chicken wings, will not be sold temporarily from 23 May 2017 (Tuesday) onwards.

In a sudden Facebook post yesterday (19 May 2017), IKEA Singapore shockingly said that they had decided to “stop selling them (the chicken wings) temporarily from 23 May so we can improve on it.”

And the reason? Nothing to do with hygiene or whatnot: it’s because the food “have not been meeting our customers’ satisfaction recently.”

In response to The Straits Times’ enquiry, IKEA said that this wasn’t a publicity stunt, but due to feedback on the supposedly deteriorating taste and texture of the chicken wings. When the wings are taken off the menu, the outlets will offer chicken tenders and garlic fries—both new to the menu.

They’ve also not given any date on when the chicken wings will be back.

As someone who has tried the chicken wings before (in both outlets), I honestly think they’re perfectly fine—even when I’ve tried them when they’re clearing them at a low price close to closing. But that was a few years back. A glance (yeah, just a glance will suffice) on their Facebook post will show numerous complaints from patrons who think that the standard has dropped.

Just about an hour ago (20 May 2017 morning), IKEA Singapore posted another update. It turns out that they’re looking for a new supplier for their chicken wings, and also take the opportunity to inform users about the new chicken tenders and garlic friends.

I don’t know about you, but regardless of whether this is a publicity stunt or not, or when the chicken wings will be back, only two words attract my attention: garlic fries?

Forget about chicken wings. Garlic fries are coming to IKEA!

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Featured Image: ben bryant/ Shutterstock.com

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