These Images of Jay Chou Lookalike After Eating Too Much Are Getting Viral

You’ve probably heard of Jay Chou.

I mean; he’s pretty popular. Not as popular as local actor Steven Lim, but pretty popular.

The track record does speak for itself: he won multiple music awards, sold out numerous concerts and starred in several Hollywood films.

The fact that he looks like a chiselled demigod doesn’t exactly help either.

Image: Jay Chou Diaoness

In fact, if I hadn’t known better, I would have thought that he’s actually more popular than Steven Lim, talent agency manager and all-around extraordinaire.

But nah, that’s not possible.

Anyways, it seems like Jay’s been stuffing himself quite a bit because he has been spotted looking a bit pudgier than usual in public.

Image: weibo

Damn, Jay. Have you been sneaking those Oreo cheesecakes into your room in the middle of the night again?

Image: weibo

Don’t give me that look, Jay. Remember what your coach Mike Chang said?

Image: imgflip

Someone’s been a bad boy, eh?


Alright, I was just kidding. Jay’s still the charismatic man-god you know, so chill, fangirls.

The pudgier version that you saw earlier wasn’t exactly Jay’s illegally produced clone either, but rather a lookalike.

A doppelganger, if you want a scientifically proven term that makes people go, “Oh wow you’re smart!”

But damn, they really look alike.

Image: mothership

Waiting in the same queue as Jay Chou

A Chinese netizen spotted the Jay Chou lookalike while waiting in queue to enter a restaurant, and couldn’t help but snap photos of him. Judging by the feisty gaze Jay 2.0 was giving in the photo, it’s probably not without his consent.

The pictures made their rounds in a personal group chat on WeChat, before being uploaded to Weibo (one of China’s largest social media platforms).

Image: weibo


Saw Jay Chou when I was eating. Should I go and say hi?


Waiting on the line.


You know how every article normally has a lesson to take away?

Because this one doesn’t really impart any award-winning life lessons, I’ve come up with my own.

Alright, here goes.

Aim to look like somebody famous. Because once you do, you’re famous.

For a few days, anyway.

And that, folks, is how I came up with the single, worst inspirational saying of all time.

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