Jay Chou Coming Back to S’pore Next Year For Another Concert But We’ve Got Some Bad News

Here’s one moment where you feel like you’re growing older–when you realise that the unassuming musician who doesn’t speak much on Taiwanese variety shows become a world-renowned Mandopop singer, actor and all-around megastar who couldn’t get visit a place without getting mobbed.

Yes, I’m talking about Jay Chou, and oh boy, here’s some good news for you Jay Chou fans out there. He’s coming back to Singapore for another concert! 

For those who’ve missed his 2016 concert right here in Singapore, or disappointed at the poor sound system at his concert, here’s another chance to catch him in action again.

“The Invincible” Jay Chou Concert Tour 2016

Image: sportshub.com.sg

Just a flashback for people who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, here’s what happened. 

In 2016, Jay Chou was performing at the Singapore National Stadium on 3 Sep last year for his “The Invincible” Jay Chou Concert Tour.

He performed fine, but the show was marred by one factor. The sound system sucked

Imagine paying a pretty hefty price to get into his concert (tickets goes for between $92 and $342) only to get muffled sounds and strong bass throughout if you’re not seated in line with the speakers. That’s evil.

And people being people, especially us Singaporeans, we knew something has to be done about it. A huge hoo-ha was created and over 2,000 people took to signing an online petition to get refunds for the show. 

And that isn’t even the first time it happened, with complaints about a postponement of his 2014 concert to a different day, a leaking roof and, you guessed it, poor sound quality.

Now that history is over and done with, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

“The Invincible” Part 2 Jay Chou Concert Tour 

Image: straitstimes.com

The bad news is, the promoter of the event in Singapore and venue remains the same, Multimedia Entertainment and the Singapore National Stadium.

Before you groan and decide not to attend, here’s the good news: they might’ve learnt from the previous time and give you an even better experience than before! It’s all about positivity anyway, right?

Ticketing details of the event will be released at a later date by Multimedia Entertainment.

Here’s a joke I’ve been waiting to make for a long time: I guess his Invincible doesn’t apply to poor sound systems. #JustSaying #PleaseDontKillMe

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