Justice League: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped up for This New Movie

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have the Avengers.

And in the DC Universe, we have…


With an all-star ensemble cast, featuring the likes of house-hold names Aquaman and Cyborg (and not-so-household-names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash), the movie will revolve around the romantic trials and tribulations of Wonder Woman and her harem.

Oops, wrong plot line.

But I’m sure you know the superhero drill: they meet, they have inner conflicts, they resolve it, they band together against the villain, they lose at first, they grit their teeth, they have some mysterious power-up, they win the villain, the world’s saved.

That’s how it worked for the Avengers, anyway. Perhaps the Justice League will be different.

Not really convinced though. BvS already happened, after all.

But do not let that sway you from watching Justice League, because I have not 1, not 2, not 8, but reasons why you should catch it in the cinema near you.

Image: Imgflip

Alright, alright Batman. Geez you need to take a chill pill. It’s no wonder your voice sounds like you’ve just come out of a KTV room.

The trailer looks ABSOLUTELY DOPE

What makes a movie exceptional? The cinematography? The soundtracks? The direction?

Nope, it’s the trailer.

The trailer is the gateway to the world you’re about to immerse yourself in. Without an attractive and decorated gateway, who would ever wish to traverse it?

And I’m glad to say that the trailer for Justice League… looks nothing short of EPIC.

If you haven’t watched it, check it out below.

At the start, we get Clark Kent with his abundance of chest hair.

Later on, we get full-frontal shots of Aquaman’s body, that will make men everywhere scream, “Hide yo wives; hide your daughters!”

Then we get grumpy Ben Affleck looking like he aged 20 years. Well technically he did, but there’s still no need to mimic Trump, right? It’s not like he watched his old sidekick get tortured to death…

Sasuke is showing off some cool lightning moves. Oh sorry that’s the Flash.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube


Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube


Cyborg’s looking like… Cyborg.

And last but not least, we have Gal Gadot- I meant Wonder Woman, with her multiple eye smiles.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

Girl, look at that body~

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

I swear; this girl’s smiles can stop Tsunamis. Can you stop being so lovely already?

And did you guys see the Batmobile?

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

Freaking COOL.

Sorry, just my inner fanboy in all its naked glory.

Action, action and more action

Honestly, what else can we expect from a Superhero film?

But judging from the trailer alone, I have a feeling: the action sequences are going to be SICK. (My gut instinct misses the mark more than it hits, though, but who cares?)

Just check out these screenshots.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

“Just gonna get to that house. Don’t mind me. Keep tending to your gardens with your… whatever you call it.”

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

“Just gonna jump off this horse real quick and do a somersault and impress that hot dude Perseus. Oh wait will he see my underwear?”

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

“I summon the lightning dragon Bazooka to my fingertips. Let it… RIPPP.”

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

“Ouch, that’s hot!”

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

“Oh look, it’s Mr 69% Mechanic! How’s the green screen thing going along?”

“Not that well. I think they can tell we are filming this against a green screen.”

“No way!”

Anyone thinks that it’s gonna be hell of a ride too?

The Plot

The hints were there, but they were distinctly subtle. There was a newspaper saying, “World without Hope”.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

And Lois Lane looking all sad.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know, “Oh, Lois lost her only baby who she was going to call Hope.”

On a serious note though, did Superman die?

Dammit, DC! We wanted to see Clark Kent fight alongside the Justice League!

But to be fair; I kind of get where you’re coming from. Superman’s so damn OP he will just wipe out every enemy and boom, movie ends. Shortest movie ever at 2:59.

Can’t wait to find out what happens though. Unfortunately I’m not a comic fan, or I would have spoiled it for all of you guys already.

Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot

Just when Warner Bros’ DC Universe was in real danger of collapsing even before it started, with everyone literally throwing rotten tomatoes at its blockbuster films ‘Batman VS Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’, a single film came to save the day.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a real masterpiece, whether it’s the acting, production, directing, soundtracks or even the suggestive scene in between that will make your son go, “Mum, what are they doing?” The whopping box office records and critics’ ratings? They just serve as the cherry on top. That’s how good the film is.

And the star of that movie? Gal Gadot. In fact, I dare say that without her, Wonder Woman wouldn’t have been so appealing. It would still have been a good film, but it wouldn’t have been a great film.

So yeah, I can safely say that Wonder Woman’s inclusion adds a significant amount of interest and appeal to the movie.

And every other character, really

Admit it; we all grew up imitating Batman’s deep ass voice.

We all pressed two fingers to the right side of our forehead and tried making beams come out of our eyes. Some might have even tried wearing their underwear outside. I personally don’t know; never really tried before.

We attempted to evoke our inner Flash when we are doing our shuttle runs.

Aquaman and Cyborg might not have been that involved in our childhoods, but they are real attractions too.

So in conclusion, the characters themselves are one big reason to watch the movie itself.

When can we catch it?

The movie will be released this 16 November 2017. So mark that date on your calendars, guys!

On a related note, November will be a busy month, huh? Jigsaw and My Little Pony will be released on 2, Ah Boys to Men 4 will be released on 9, and we get Justice League on 16.

Time to jio your movie kakis for the whole of November!

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