Don’t Say Bojio: 1 for 1 KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken (Includes Delivery!) Till 13 Oct


Last month KFC released their cheesy chicken and my colleague even did a review on it.

Here is a video of it:

Review of KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken

We tried the KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken, and it turned out that it's not hot, and not enough cheese.Remember to like Goody Feed TV – Singapore for more interesting videos!

Posted by Goody Feed TV – Singapore on Thursday, 28 September 2017

Yes, that golden gooey Spicy Romano Sauce, paired with their juicy crispy chicken which is soaked in spicy cheddar marinade.

Image: KFC Facebook Page

As you can read from our review and video, we love it (actually, we love the sauce, but anyways). Can you feel it calling for you?

I am sure that warm chicken would be so good, especially when you’re freezing in the office.

Okay, okay, before you start blaming me for your sudden cravings—I have got the perfect deal for you.

KFC is having a promotion on their Hot & Cheesy Chicken—1 for 1!

Image: KFC Facebook Page

Yes, simply flash the deal (above) and you can redeem your free chicken!

Weird that they’re having a deal for a special meal, but actually, who cares?

And you’d better hurry up, as this promo is from today (9 Oct) till Friday (13 Oct) and from 3-5 pm.

Those who are thinking—“But I will be in office leh”, their promo is applicable for delivery as well!

Simply use the promo code: JOYHOUR when ordering.

Go forth and break bread with your colleagues!

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Featured Image: Facebook (KFC)