Lady Gave Up Looking for Mr Right & Married Herself Instead

In today’s time and age, it can be pretty hard to find the right one for you to settle down for life. What with the lack of work-life balance, the increasing rate of divorce and whatnot.

In Singapore, people who have given up on finding the right person to settle down with will either give Tinder one last shot (look at Jamie Yeo! That’s a success story right there) or plan to get an HDB flat by themselves at the age of 35.

But I bet nobody, and I mean nobody, would’ve done what this woman is going to do: marry herself.

Meet Lynne Gollogly, a Woman Who Has Given Up Waiting for Mr Right

Lynne broke the internet headlines when it became known that she wants to marry herself. You heard that right, herself. 

For her 40th birthday bash, she decided to celebrate it in style and go for a wedding themed party. 

People who are invited to attend are expected to turn up in wedding attire, and barring that, their “poshest clothes possible”.

And it’s not just the main event. She is also planning to have two hen parties, get a wedding dress and go to Rome alone for a romantic honeymoon by her lonesome self. 

Didn’t Want to Settle Down Just to Fit in

When interviewed, she was proud of the fact that she’s doing something a bit different from the norm. Her friends were not surprised because she’s known to be quirky to them but when she went to get herself a wedding gown, the staff were totally “beside themselves”.

‘I thought this way I could give loved ones an opportunity to wear their wedding outfits and celebrate just being my quirky self.’ –

Her last relationship was ten years ago and she was engaged previously but “nothing came out of it”. She said she isn’t interested in getting into a relationship and is happy just being herself. 

Watch the full video of her interview here.

Here’s an idea for #foreveralone singles here in Singapore: how about a wedding themed birthday bash for your 35-year-old celebration? Sounds pretty cool, right?

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