LG Has A New Phone That Drives Mosquitoes Away. Like, Seriously.

*LG is conducting a team meeting to brainstorm innovative and world-breaking ideas for their new smartphone, which they will be pushing out in India*

LG Team manager: Right, fellas, we don’t have all day. Fire away.

LG Grunt A: Boss, how about an AR cam like the iPhone’s?

LG TM: Nah, too mainstream. Next.

LG Grunt B: In that case, why don’t we create a whole new programme? A holographic projector, perhaps? It will just need a bit of time to develop, and just a bit of money to get the team behind it. *draws out iPhone for calculator* In fact, it’s just a $20 million development cost. Cheap!

LG TM: Nah, too hipster-like. I don’t like hipsters. Next- what the hell are you doing, LG Grunt C?

LG Grunt C: *Slapping his legs with enough force to knock down an elephant* Sorry, Boss. There’s just a damn mosquito here. It’s drawing enough blood from me to open the damn blood bank.

LG TM: *Being enlightened* That’s it!

*They all look at him*

LG Grunts: What?

LG TM: Grunt C, you’re promoted to executive director. Grunt A and B, you guys round up the development team.

LG Grunt C: The ****?

LG TM: You know the top secret ‘Mosquito Away’ project embedded in our air-cons and TVs? We are going to include that, in the damn smartphone. *He does the Trump face* I’m such a genius.

And that’s probably how the creative meeting went down. Probably.

But this is the serious bit.

LG launches mosquito-repellent smartphone in India

Image: LG
Image: Imgflip

Ultrasound technology

LG Electronics has launched a new smartphone in India, which is equipped with ultrasound technology that claims to be able of repelling mosquitoes.

“Launched by the South Korean company at the India Mobile Congress 2017, the K7i phone emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on its back cover.”

According to LG on its website, the waves do not send harmful radiation, and is “absolutely safe and harmless for humans”.

Only sound waves with a frequency of more than 30kHz were used to repel mosquitoes.

The range of human hearing, on the other hand, is between 20Hz and 20kHz.

Mosquito Away

Image: CNA

The name of the ultra sound technology is ‘Mosquito Away‘, and LG has this to say about it.

Mosquito Away is a silent, invisible, odourless and a perfectly user-friendly technology.

The phone even has a “Mosquito Away stand” that allows users to prop their phone up with the mesh grid facing outwards.

But it does come with a regular back cover without the mosquito repellent device, so it’s not a compulsory thing.

However, LG did release a disclaimer that “the long-term effect of the mosquito repellent technology was not tested and that mosquitoes may “become resistant” to it.”

Low-level noise

When the anti-mosquito feature is activated, “low-level noise” might be audible from the phone’s speakers.

But LG has said that it’s entirely normal, and there’s no need for concern. Think of it as white noise lah.

This is not the first LG product that’s able to repel the damn mosquitoes

LG has products such as air conditioners and TVs that already sport the technology.

While there are apps that claim to utilise similar technology, LG claims that this is the first time the technology’s been embedded in a smartphone.

If you want to buy it

The K7i Android phone (which is equipped with a 1.1GHz processor with 2GB RAM), will be marketed in India for 7,990 rupees (US$122).

Hold on, just let me get my phone.

“Hi, is this India?

I would like one of them K7i Android phones please. Send it over to me ASAP.”

Guess what? My skin will finally be safe from mosquitoes, forever and ever.

Sayonara, my first loves. You won’t be missed.

But wait. There’s more

Dying to get one now as well? You might not be happy to read this.

The use of ultrasound to repel mosquitoes has been up for debate for like years. In fact, a radio station even once used this to repel mosquitoes but experts claim that they don’t work.

If you check out Wikipedia (yes, I know it’s not reliable but we all rely on it, don’t we?), you can see that all the studies mentioned showed that ultrasound has no effect on mosquitoes whatsoever.

It’s unknown when LG’s technology is similar to those that are in the market now.

There’s only one way to find out.

Get the phone.

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