iPhone X vs Note 8: The Ultimate Showdown Without Looking at Specs

Apple and Samsung have always been friendly rivals (okay, sometimes not so friendly) when it comes to the release of their new phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will soon be faced off with the iPhone X, which has hit the market sooner than we can say “I want!”

So if you are in the market to look for the best phone, which one should you choose?

For fans, there is only one answer – the one brand that you have been living with for the better part of your life.

For those who are fine with changing brands once every two years (or less), here’s something for you to take note.

We compare a few features of both the iPhone X and Note 8 and here’s how they square off.

Because, well, no one cares about iPhone 8, although that would have made a better headline (the showdowns of the…8s).

Biometrics lock

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has it all – a fingerprint reader, an iris scanner and face detection ability. Users can use any of the three to unlock the phone.

While most people would think that face detection is a convenient way to unlock the phone, it is actually unsafe as it can be tricked with a photo.

iPhone X, on the other hand, only has a 3D face scanner called Face ID. The fingerprint reader that was popular on the older models is completely wiped out and there is no iris scanner too.

Nonetheless, Apple promises that Face ID is more secure as it cannot be tricked with a photo.

Okay, iPhone does impress us with this – if it lives up to its promise, that is.

Water and Dust Protection

Both photos are resistant to water and dust, but Note 8 is one IP point higher than iPhone X. While iPhone X is rated IP67, Note 8 has emerged with a rating of IP68, allowing the Note 8 to be immense in water beyond the 1m mark.

Not that we suggest you do it lah.

The existence of the Headphone Jack

Apple can be rather stubborn at these things, so iPhone X users need to use the included dongle (read: ugly) when they want to use their favourite wired headphones for music. Alternatively, they will have to use the included Lighting headphones.

Note 8, on the other hand, offers you the standard headphone jack so that you can still faithfully plug in using your favourite headphone without a problem.

Cashless Payment

Samsung Pay is so popular now that you can literally make payment using the Note 8 (or any other Samsung phone models) almost anywhere. Samsung has definitely make a good choice with its acquisition of LoopPay. Apple Pay is lesser popular even if it is showing up in more places, so users of iPhone X would still need to dig out their trusty old credit cards sometimes.

But then again, let’s leave that problem to the authorities: after all, we’re moving towards a cashless society so it really doesn’t matter whether you’re using Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Camera Upgrades

When it comes to camera upgrades, Apple normally wins hands down. In the new iPhone X, you can blur the background of the photo just like you do with an actual camera. While Samsung also has the same features, it just doesn’t seem to measure up.

In addition, the iPhone X also comes with an upgraded front-facing camera that allows users to take fancy portraits shots – something that the Note 8 does not have. That itself is perfect for Instagram addicts.

Wireless Charging

Samsung has been developing its own wireless charging advancements for several years to make the charging time faster. Apple is just starting to introduce wireless charging using the “Qi” technology. Nonetheless, Apple is currently developing its own charging pad, which is due out in 2018. We will have to see how it measure up to Samsung’s technology when it is released.

Screen Size

The iPhone X finally upgrades to the OLED technology and has a screen size of 5.8 inch. Note 8 has a 6.3-inch screen size and is also using the OLED technology. Note 8 screen is also rounded at the edge, offering a more immersive effect as compared to iPhone X.


I bet you $1 that iPhone XI is going to be rounded at the edge and they’re going to give it some fancy name.


iPhone X does not have a stylus and Apple users have not been demanding for one either. They are perfectly fine with using their fingers to do the work. Note 8 includes an S pen which is a top selling point for all the Note series.

The stylus slides into the bottom of the phone neatly. Users of Note 8 can make use of it to take notes of draw sketches. Honestly, how do you even write on such a small screen?


While Note 8 has a slightly bigger screen, it also means that it is bigger and bulkier. Nonetheless, both phones offer excellent picture quality and there isn’t a noted difference.

iPhone X also has the better camera effect with its Portrait Mode on the front-facing camera. Face ID on iPhone X also seems to be the one with a better security as compared to face detection ability on the Note 8, but users can always stick to fingerprint reader which is sorely absent on iPhone X.


The conclusion is probably the same as most Apple vs Samsung showdown: Samsung may offer better spec for your money but the Android system is not the most user-friendly one.

Apple has a super user-friendly iOS system and offers better security and privacy as compared to Samsung.

Finally, it is also up to the individual – switching phones may sound easy, but it is a crazy idea and can be extremely frustrating.

So, if you are an Apple user, it is likely you will stick to iPhone X while the Samsung/Android users are likely to go for Note 8.

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