List of iPhone Hidden Codes to Impress Your Friends

We’re back once again with a list of codes (remember how cool it was when you show your friends the hidden Android codes?) for you to add on to your coolness if you don’t already have.

This time, it’s for iPhone because #iPhoneisCool

Put on your shades and your black suits as I reveal these top secret hidden codes that might just blow your friend away. (No explosives needed, just these bunch of codes will do.) 

iPhone Hidden Codes 

Ever wanted to find out how many minutes you’ve left on your phone tariff, but it just can’t be found in your normal phone’s settings? Here’s how these codes can come in handy. Tested by the lovely people in our office, you just need to type them into your phone’s dialer. Unlike the Android ones, for this, you’d have to press the call button afterwards, though. 

One of the most interesting code is the Field Test mode, which allows users to see their phone signal strength measured in numbers rather than those five bars.

How does it work? You’ll see something displaying such as ‘-90’, with the number going up and down depending on its signal. A value above -80 is a full bar strength, but anything below -110 is very weak. Want to see if you have enough signal to make a call? This is probably one of the most accurate ways to do so.

Make sure to show off to your friends, no magic show is incredible without an audience, yeah? 

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