Long John Silver’s Has Rice Buckets: Here’s What You LJS Fans Need to Know

I‘m sure you had KFC’s rice buckets: bowls of rice slapped with chicken chunks and delectable sauces, and priced at an affordable rate.

Image: kfcdelivery.com.sg

Note: prices stated are on the delivery menu. Actual retail prices might differ.

But it seems that Long John Silvers, like Burger King, has cottoned on (hehe).

Image: Long John Silver’s Singapore Facebook Page

Called an Asian Flavor Bowl, it’s Long John Silver’s take on a rice bucket.

And at $5 per bowl, you get a whole set: 1 pc chicken/fish, rice, sauce and a drink.

That’s arguably more worth it than KFC’s rice bucket: the bucket alone costs around the same as an entire LJS set.

Food Review: Interview edition

However, price isn’t everything. Without adequate taste, nobody’s ever going to want it.

So we set out to find it. We laid down the parameters: sauce, rice and sauce. Everyone’s had the meat at least a thousand times before, so we didn’t really care about that.

What we do want to know is how well the sauce acts as a complementary product, whether the rice is well-cooked and whether the bowl tastes good as a whole.

Surprise, surprise; a colleague of ours has tried the new Asian Flavor Bowls. Like the Flash, we scurried around him for a quick interview.

So Boon Hun, how was Long John Silver’s version of the rice bucket?

“Okay lor,” he said. “The chilli crab sauce was spicy. Very spicy.”

Guess that’s a no go for me then. I’m practically on the lowest end of the spice spectrum, and even then I’m barely hanging on.

What about the salted egg sauce? And the curry sauce?

“The salted egg sauce tasted… processed to me. It’s like sweet, way sweeter than it should be. As for the curry sauce… I haven’t tried it.”

Can’t say I don’t have a sweet tooth. Too bad for the curry sauce though.

And then there’s the golden question, the one we have all been waiting for.

Is the Asian Flavour Bowl better than KFC’s rice buckets?

At that, he slowly shook his head.

“The rice in my bowl was very sticky, and it was just a glued mess. For me, KFC wins this round. Hands down.”

And there we have it, folks. Boon Hun’s recommendation is that you stick to your rice buckets, despite LJS having the upper hand in terms of pricing strategy.

So… should I try it?

Boon Hun’s vote might have been handed to KFC, but he didn’t exactly say, “You shouldn’t try the Asian Flavor Bowl at all.”

Besides, a netizen actually complimented LJS’ latest venture.

Image: Long John Silver’s Singapore Facebook Page

PLUS, you know what they say, “Taste, like beauty, is subjective.”

Some people might like it; some might not.

So why not give it a try? It’s not exactly steak-expensive, and it doesn’t taste like rotten fish.

You never know; it might even become your FFOAT.

Favourite food of all time.

So do give it a try! And while you’re at it, tell us how the experience’s like!

Now, give me some time as I pluck up my courage to ask my boss for funds to do a taste test of it in the office…

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