Loving Man Held Engagement Party With His Girlfriend At Her Funeral

Yes, you read that headline correctly. He got engaged to his girlfriend at her funeral.

Now, before you start thinking it’s creepy, here’s the whole story.

Disclaimer: You might cry after reading this.

Taiwanese Man declared he is engaged to his girlfriend at her funeral

He’s a 30-year-old truck driver named Tsai. His girlfriend, 24-year-old Ms Chen, passed away in a traffic accident on 26 Aug 2017.

She was riding her scooter home from work when the traffic accident happened.

Five months pregnant, she was taken to the hospital but died from serious head injuries.

He discovered the remains of her scooter

Image: straitstimes.com

When talking to Taiwanese media, Tsai recalled the day of the accident clearly.

He attempted to call her on her mobile but she wasn’t picking up.

Getting worried, he went out to look for her but only discovered the remains of her scooter.

Later, the hospital called him to notify him about his girlfriend’s unfortunate demise.

He wants to fulfill the promise to her

Image: straitstimes.com

The couple had already taken their wedding photos and were planning to get married after the Hungry Ghost Festival when this unfortunate incident happened.

He decided to hold an engagement party at her funeral because it was a dream of hers to get married.

He decorated the funeral in her favourite colour and put a ring on his dead girlfriend’s finger. Then, he declared to the guests that they are now engaged.

The funeral operator, after hearing his story, was so touched he provided the extra decorations free of charge.

You can watch the Taiwanese media report below

So people, make sure you treasure your loved ones now while you still can.

Hold them tight and give them a big kiss, yeah?

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