This 77-Year-Old Man Who Visits His Wife Everyday Is #RelationshipGoals

We’ve all seen our fair share of heart breaks.

People around us are getting divorced over the most trivial things. Breaking up for the stupidest reasons.

And it makes you wonder, does love still exist?

And then I will answer, yes. Because a certain couple proves it day after day, month after month and year after year.

They are Mr Loh Yew Kim, 77, and Madam Ng Gun Yok, 78.

According to Straits Times, Mr Loh and Mdm Ng have been married nearly 40 years.

Image: Straits Times

And ever since she was admitted to the Ren Ci Nursing Home, he has been visiting her day in day out, seven days a week. Every visit, he will make sure to bring her most-liked food.

And before you think, it’s just visiting, read on.

Mr Loh suffers from Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, in both knees. He’s also bow-legged.

Whenever he walks, he’s in pain.

Image: Straits Times

But that hasn’t stopped him from travelling all the way from Ang Mo Kio to Jalan Tan Tock Seng every single day.

A one-way journey takes roughly one and a half hours, by bus, MRT and foot. He has to climb slopes along the way too. This despite his weak joints, and bow-legged condition.

All the arduous journeys he made, all the time spent on public transport, just so that he could accompany his wife – “the most important person to him”.

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Image: BlogTruyen Mobile

People saw his difficulty and helped him

Touch Community Services, in an attempt to assist him, helped him apply for a subsidy from the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund.


Image: Straits Times

This allowed Mr Loh to buy a motorised scooter for 10% of the selling price (he paid $150 for a $1500 worth scooter), and cut his travelling time by half.

He also didn’t need to stress his body anymore.

Image: meme generator

How did they meet?

Mr Loh was introduced to his wife by his friends when he was in his 30s. She was his first girlfriend, and they married after dating for 2 years.

According to him, he liked her personality. She was good-natured, do not gossip and has a undemanding attitude. On the other hand, Mdm Ng said that he treated her very well, and always places her before him.

After marriage, they were always financially tight but they rarely quarrelled. However, they did have one regret in their relationship. And that’s having no children.

They tried. Mdm Ng had a miscarriage, and subsequently, they thought about adopting a kid.

But ultimately, it didn’t work out.

Tragedy Strikes Mdm Ng

Around two years ago, back in 2015, Mdm Ng fell at home.

After that incident she was never quite the same, turning frailer by the day. After a few more falls, she was forced to use a wheelchair.

It was around then that she also received the bad news. She had been diagnosed with gastric cancer.

Mr Loh, who had been collecting plates at a hawker centre for a living, had to stop working to take care of her. He even stopped playing chess with friends, his only hobby.

He had to learn to care for her in every way, including “changing her diapers, giving her a shower and carrying her from the bed to the wheelchair”.

However, all these were taking a toll on him. Not to mention that he’s old and his legs weren’t good.

In the end, left with no choice, he had to send his wife to a nursing home. Even then, he lamented that he wasn’t doing his job; it felt like he was just abandoning her.

You’re really a man among men, Mr Loh.


But a good thing happened to Mr Loh recently 

The Ren Ci Nursing Home shifted to Ang Mo Kio. Now, what was once an hour-and-a-half journey became just 5 minutes from his  home.


It’s been tough on you all this while, Mr Loh and Mdm Ng, but you’ve also restored our faith in love.

You’ve proven that love can last through all kinds of difficulties and hardships.

To the couples threatening to divorce over who’s cleaning the toilet…


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