Man Got a Job as a Model After His Mugshot Goes Viral

There’s so many viral news these days that it’s hard to keep count.

And let’s face it while we’re at it – viral news has done a lot of bad and good publicity.

In this page, a man who was arrested landed a modelling gig after his mugshot from the police was released to the public and became the news of the day.


Mekhi Alante Lucky is just 20 years old, and he lives in North Carolina, America. He was arrested back in April last year for driving a vehicle that was stolen AND speeding too.

When his police mugshot was released, he was dubbed the “Prison Bae”.

Why’d he get so much attention? Well, he’s got a very unique set of eyes. This is a very rare eye condition – he has got heretochromia. Only six out of a thousand people have this condition, most of which the hues aren’t really that different.

But this fella? He’s got one eye that’s glacial blue, and another that’s brown. There are some actors out there with this feature, from the likes of Mila Kunis to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hell, Benedict’s condition takes it a step further. Sectoral heterochromia gives his eyes a different colour (they can change between green and blue) depending on lighting.

X-Men ring a bell, anyone? Genetics are working in a whole different way here.

Image: everipedia

Back to Lucky. Just as his surname reads, the man has now been hired by a company in Atlanta, Claire’s Modeling Agency.

The contract pulled through, despite the fella’s criminal record being as vibrant as his eyes. Lucky’s been arrested for a total of five times between the months of April to December in 2016 for the following crimes – breaking and entering, assaulting a woman, resisting a policeman, and car theft.

To top it all off, he’s even gotten into trouble for violating his parole period.

At the moment, Lucky’s probably living the high life. His Instagram account, @officialmekhilucky, has almost 30,000 followers. If you check out his page, you’ll notice that his modelling pictures started appearing on it just late last month!

Image: Footwear News

Mekhi Lucky’s not the only one to score a golden opportunity with a mugshot. There’s Jeremy Meeks, who was discovered back in 2014 when he was cuffed for crimes having a firearm and grand theft.

This guy’s making it big too, as his new bae’s none other than THE Chloe Green, who’s the heiress to Philip Green’s Topshop.

He’s been doing modelling work for the likes of Bar Rafaeli, and taken part in New York’s Fashion Week runway too. Meeks has filed for separation from his wife Melissa, with whom he has a son – Jeremy Jr.

Hmm… With all the fame and paparazzi that comes with the fashion industry, it does make you wonder right – will they get back into doing bad stuff and end up with mugshots again?

We can only hope for the best, that they change and become good people. Because we like dat.

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