This Meepok In Clementi Just Got An Upgrade With Fish Maw & Tamago Egg

When it comes to finding good Meepok in Singapore, many people have their different views on the best ones in town.

However, when you ask around, most people will not leave Guan’s Mee Pok out of the list.

Their secret? Well, unlike the ubiquitous mee poks around in Singapore, the ones at Guan’s Mee Pok is often lathered with unique toppings that helps them draw a clear distinction from the other meepok stalls around.

Every bowl of noodle from Guan’s Meepok features an array of exquisite ingredients like fish maw, seafood, and a Japanese Ni-Tamago egg – essentially a hard-boiled egg with semi-solid egg yolk. Other than that, the usual ingredients like pork lard, minced meat and lettuce are also present. 

The prices of their meepok start from S$3.50, and increases with the type of meepok you choose.  A bowl of mee pok with fish maw costs $6.50 and with seafood like sotong, it costs $7 while the ones with sea prawns costs $8.50.

Granted, paying more than S$5 for a bowl of meepok definitely sounds pricey, but most people still willingly fork out money for it – mainly because of the addictive and consistent textures of the al-dente meepok noodles. 

Hey, you gotta admit that good meepok noodles don’t come around easily, right? The best part? Every bowl of noodles are made to order so you can be sure that they are assured with the best quality. 

For those who are looking at tasting more of their Fish Maw, you can also order up the Dried Scallop with Fish Maw Soup (S$5) which features dried fish maw doused in superior stock – allowing the fish maw to soak up every bit of the broth.

Though unconventional, this bowl of noodles is still worth every try and every penny spent! It’s undoubtedly one of the better ones around in Singapore! 

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