This is MOE’s Latest Change in Their FB Page & It’s for a Good Cause

Were you on the Ministry of Education’s Facebook page yesterday? If you were, you’d have noticed something weird about their Facebook profile picture.

In case you missed it, here you go:

Image: Ministry of Education Facebook Page

They had uploaded a logo of their organisation missing the letters A and O. 

For those asking, sorry, it’s not because they’re going to do away with ‘A’ or ‘O’ levels.

It’s their way of declaring support and spreading awareness for Singapore Red Cross’s search for missing blood types.

Image: Ministry of Education Facebook Page

They have since changed their profile picture back to the normal logo.

Missing Type SG 2017


From 4-9 July 2017, the Red Cross is running a campaign to ask for more blood donors in Singapore.

Every day, more than 350 packs of blood are used to save lives, both in life-saving operations as well as for people who need the blood to sustain their lives.

And this demand is set to rise as our population ages and more healthcare facilities are built. It is estimated that the demand for blood by the year 2030 will be 220,000 units of blood.

The type of blood types that is needed the most right now is A, B and O

MOE isn’t the only organisation to have done this

Last year, it was reported that a total of 32 organisations joined in the campaign in August.

Including Botanic Gardens, which was actually quite epic.


Interested in helping out? Here’s how can you join in the campaign.

The campaign asks for individuals, social media platforms and organisations to omit the letters A, B and O from their organisation’s logo.

Like that. Hey, our logo’s pretty cute even without the O’s #JustSaying

This, they hope, will help to generate conversation between people and spread awareness about the missing blood types.

For individuals, just snap a picture of yourself holding a board with your name without the letters A, B or O.

Then, just upload the image onto social media for 24 hours with the hashtag #MissingTypeSG

There, you’ve done your part for Singapore.

The only way to top that is to go donate some blood as well 😀

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Feature Image: Ministry of Education Facebook Page

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