M’sian Guy Dumped by His Girlfriend Because He Bought a Motorbike

I bet you thought bikes looked cool, and bikers looked cool too. Sometimes it feels like shades are standard equipment for a biker. Shades and leather jackets, on maybe a giant Harley Davidson chopper.

Too bad for this Malaysian dude, his girlfriend didn’t think so.

Maybe this guy didn’t wear shades or own a leather jacket. Or maybe it was because he bought a 150cc Yamaha bike instead of a Harley Davidson chopper.

Whatever reason it was, the man was clearly distressed by his (ex-)girlfriend’s decision to dump him over this seemingly minor quibble. He even posted a rant of sorts on Facebook, hoping that maybe someone out there would have some sagely advice for him.

Image: Facebook

Turns out, he actually lost his car, and decided to buy a bike because he didn’t have enough money for a new car. The original intention was to have the bike serve as temporary transportation until he could save up enough for a car, but his girlfriend at the time couldn’t accept that for some reason.

Sure, he bought a new bike, and it may (probably) not have been cheaper than many other bike options, but he didn’t want his girlfriend to have to ride on an old, second-hand bike. It was for her comfort, and she was mad instead.

She started to ignore him, until one day things took a turn for the worse. Quite literally too, as he got into a small accident as he was fetching his girlfriend home after work. They were fortunate enough to only suffer some scratches, but the bike was totalled from the impact with a lorry.

And then she broke up with him the very next day.

He wasn’t riding very fast, and obviously didn’t want to get into an accident, and the impact was apparently the lorry’s fault, and he had apologized profusely to her. Unfortunately, all these reasons couldn’t get her back.

Do you think she’s being completely unreasonable?

Many netizens seemed to think so, as some even suggested that he was lucky enough to see her true, gold-digging colours before she completely ruins him financially.

What do you think?

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