NDP 2017 is Made Viral By These Two Kids Who Flipped the Bird on Live TV

You’ve probably been celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday the whole of Wednesday, 9 August 2017.

Which is great and all, because our prosperous nation’s birthday is one we should all be celebrating, whole-heartedly and with full patriotism!

Some, however, took ‘patriotism’ to a whole new level.

Posted by Tan Kian Meng OtakuTroll on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Whoa did I just see that???

Image: youtube/Merlot One

So we have a kid that decides to go all gangsta on live TV. Well great for him; that kid is surely going places! For now though, there’s only one place he’s going and that’s the detention room for sure.

Image: Tan Kian Meng OtakuTroll Facebook

It looks like someone is paying the price for his five seconds of fame.

Anyway, it sure looks like pointing the middle finger is the latest fad, because there was another incident caught on TV which some might have missed as well.


Posted by Tresthon Quah on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Watch until the end, and you will see the star of the video do a quick dab before flashing the finger heartily.

Look kids. It might be ‘cool’ to do those stuff with your close friends, but it sure ain’t cool when you do it in front of National TV on Singapore’s birthday.

Have some respect for the Nation that groomed you and jolly well learn to appreciate it. Do not wait until your military enlistment before you ‘wake up’ and decide, “I shouldn’t have done that on such an important day.”

But anyways, kids nowadays sure have balls.

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