A New Influencers’ Saga, This Time Involving a $475 Cake

The label, “influencer”, is a very volatile word. Every time something mostly normal happens, if influencers are involved, it’ll quickly blow up everywhere. If it’s normal people, nobody really cares.

Too bad influencer = drama.

Look at this intense exchange between a disappointed customer and a cake shop owner. If none of them were influencers, it might need more ridiculous things happening to go viral. Unfortunately, somewhere during the exchange the word “influencer” popped up, and netizens jumped on it.

It all started when the customer expressed his dissatisfaction loudly on Facebook, with the post below.

He even posted the full conversation history between him and the owners of the bakery.

Oh yeah, there’s a part two. Talk about overreactions, eh?

Of course, seeing the state of the cake, it does seem rather understandable for the customer to be less than satisfied. Those are hardly negligible flaws, especially considering that giant gash on the bottom tier.

But we shouldn’t judge a situation without considering all sides of the story, of course, so here’s the official response.

I don’t even think I’ve ever written an essay in school longer than this post, and I’ve had the opportunity to write short research papers.


Unfortunately, the fact remains that the biggest complaints both sides had were related to each other’s attitudes, which is notoriously difficult to objectively judge. But then again, where’s the fun in objectively judging? Nobody really wants to do that anyway, seeing how everyone has been commenting on both posts.

Here’s a very, very concise account of what happened: Customer ordered a cake (that costs $475) from a shop that’s owned by influencers, and the cake isn’t perfect. Customer complained, shop owners weren’t able to help due to various reasons, and customer wasn’t happy.

Then came the part when the argument was split into two different accusations: the customer claims that the influencer said this: “Please go ahead and tag us (in Facebook). Do you know Jessica and myself are both influencers!?”

On the other hand, the influencer defended herself and disagreed that the passive-aggressive tone was used. Instead, this was what was said: “You know that Jess and myself are social media influencers, and we wouldn’t want our reputation to be ruined over a cake.”

However much the more logical side of me wants to say that they should just all take a step back and lay off the accusations, it’s quite difficult to silence the other side who just wants to enjoy this delicious drama.

You know what, I think I’ll just have some cake.

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