Sequel of Influencers’ War is Even More Eggciting Than the First


Move over, Mediacorp, because we’ve got a way more eggciting drama online. Yep, it’s our two favourite influencers, Ridhwan and Nicole, back at it again.

Following the intense exchange between the both of them a couple of days ago, even more juicier tidbits have arisen from both sides, and this time more people have been dragged in as well.

To be more specific, Ridhwan had named the person Nicole had allegedly cheated with, and another twitter user had evidence for Ridhwan’s cheating.

Let’s break it down for you.

First, on Friday night, after their heated online break up drama last week, Nicole tweeted the following.


Whoa, girl. And here we thought the drama had died down, after a day of non-activity. Well, when I say one day, it was really closer to half a day than anything. It seems neither of them knows how to let things go.

And here we have Ridhwan, never one to even attempt at being the bigger man, ‘replying’ rapidly and passive aggressively.


Suddenly, what’s this?


Whew! Straight outta nowhere, we see a brutal attack from our man! What a hit!


What is Nicole going to do about this? Ridhwan literally just named whoever she was supposedly sleeping with behind his back, seemingly out of nowhere.


Hot damn, what is this new development? It seems Nicole just got some support fire.


And another one!

Things are heating up now, with both sides furiously attacking each other over the very public internet. I’d say get a room, but the both of you’ll probably end up literally killing each other, what with the history of abuse in the relationship.

At least get a chatroom or something.

Throughout the whole exchange, others have joined in the ‘fun’ as well, including YouTubers like Jianhao and Deekosh (!!).


As the most level-headed person here so far, Deekosh sure seems to be enjoying the show. And who could blame him? TV dramas get same-y and boring fast, so where better to get your drama fix than real life?

Both Ridhwan and Nicole quietened down after this barrage of blows, and both have resorted to even more passive aggressive tweets (or at least Nicole did. Ridhwan remained oddly silent).


Note: as of now, both parties have deleted a large portion of their back and forth verbal attacks, however, curiously enough neither have deleted the most damning evidence they have.

At this point, we’re not even sure if they’re arguing seriously anymore, or just trying to boost their ‘fame’ online. Please, boys and girls, leave the drama where nobody else can see it, or at the very least, don’t put it up online where everyone can judge you, especially if you’re an influencer like these two.

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