The New Treat From McCafe Close to Korean McDonald’s Chocolate Pie

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burger is still going strong, they even made the local-themed burger available during breakfast hours.

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

One month ago, foodies in Singapore were raving about a chocolate pie by McDonald’s.


Yes, following the iconic apple pie’s aesthetic but instead it is replete with lush chocolaty goodness.

Imagine crispy, outer skin with thick, creamy chocolate within.

You know what? They say a video shows a hundred thousand words, so here you go.

By the way, please turn on your audio for this one. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Posted by 大吃一族 Big Eater on Sunday, 13 August 2017

That crackling sound when it split open in half and the moment the thick gooey brown goodness within is revealed to the world.

But as you would have known, it is only available in Korea.

Now I want some of that! ☹



How will I fill this deep void?

But it’s okay, because…

McCafe—Mcdonald’s hipster sister might just have helped solve my (I mean our) dilemma.

They have just launched a new sweet and decadent treat—Matcha Chocolate Melts—that might take your mind off Chocolate pie.

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

A mountain entirely made of soft cushiony bread (that’s a mountain I would like to conquer) with lashings of creamy milk chocolate with a sprinkle of matcha powder for the for a refreshing aftertaste.

Although I have to say, the matcha powder is a bit of an overkill. We’re satisfied with just chocolate and bread.

Writing about it is making me salivate!

Netizens agree that chocolate and bread is enough

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

But hey, if you like chocolate and matcha, this might be a match made in heaven for you.

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Featured Image: McDonald’s Singapore