M&M’s Now Comes In Neopolitan flavour

Over the past week, popular desserts have been breathing new life to their flagship products, such as the Toblerone ice-cream and Kinder Bueno ice-cream.

Now, M&M’s is jumping on the bandwagon and its new product may evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Remember the good old days, coming back home from school, and seeing the ice-cream man—what a blissful time—and you will be queuing with your friends to grab yourself a cup/bread/cone of whatever he is serving?

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You know you hit jackpot when he is scooping up the holy trinity of ice-cream flavours: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla aka Neopolitan flavour.

Ok, sorry for the introspective segway…

Neopolitan-flavoured M&M’s

Yes, M&M’s has launched the said flavoured version of the treat.

Image: M&M

In the packet, it features three colours—brown, cream and pink—an innovative homage to the Neopolitan ice-cream.

How does it taste

According to US news site, Today, the taste really hit the mark albeit saccharine.

They also said that the strawberry taste was the strongest, with subtle notes of vanilla and chocolate coming through

Where can you get it?

As of now, it is only available in America. But hey, by now you should know that you can get anything in the world with Airfrov.

And let’s face it: whatever is hot elsewhere will eventually end up in Singapore (and die a slow death). Who else remembers the transparent milk tea?

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