Okay, A Study Showed 40% of People Secretly Look at Their Bae’s Phone

A show of hands, how many of you attached guys and girls check on your partner’s phone behind their back?

Actually, don’t bother. And not just because I can’t actually see you. There were a couple of studies in the UK and the US that already asked their participants, and their findings are quite shocking.

In the UK, 4 in 10 attached adults regularly sneak a peek at their partner’s phone, and 6 in 10 of these people have caught their partners cheating.

On the flip side, a third of these people ruined a romantic surprise as well, by looking through the phones. Dilemma right here. Check the phone and risk ruining a surprise, or not check and get the wrong kind of surprise somewhere down the line? Tough choice right there.

In the US, however, only about 20 – 25% of people in relationships admitted to snooping. Of these people, more than half of the men and about 70% of women found evidence of cheating. No word on how many Valentine’s Day surprises were ruined, though.

Apparently, more than half of those who check their partner’s phone believe their partner does the same to them, and it was found that checking each other’s phones happen more often for couples who had been together a longer time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that if you check your partner’s phone, they’re probably cheating. It’s more like if you get suspicious enough for you to want to check their phone, they’re probably cheating.

It’s probably not an issue if the both of you share your details. In fact, more than half of the participants believes that if both parties share their passwords, it’s a sign of true love. I guess it’s a symbol of trust, to share passwords, but some still discovered their partners lying even when they both know each other’s log in details.

If you look up some advice, almost everyone would recommend against checking your partner’s phone. There’s literally nothing good if you do so. You find nothing, you’ll feel guilty (not speaking for the heartless bastards); you find something, it’ll probably ruin your relationship.

People still do it anyway. It’s mind boggling.

Man, all this talk about cheating, or snooping in your partner’s phone, almost makes me feel relieved for being single. Then again, there wouldn’t be anything worth discovering in my phone either.

All the numbers make it sound like way too many people cheat. How is it that so many people have the opportunity to cheat, and here I am still single?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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