The Old 3310 Is Coming To Singapore With 3G On October

We are living in a time where the old becomes new.

Be it an iconic fashion motif from the past that gets a modern update or old films getting remade (though some are terribly done).

This trend has extended to the smartphone industry.

I mean at this era, there are only two power players— Samsung and Apple.

You’re either an Android user or an Apple user.

My boss was talking about a new Nokia phone and I have not heard that name for almost a decade.

This is how the conversation went.

Boss: The new 3310 is coming out

Me: Huh

Boss: Nokia 3310

Me: What, Nokia still exists?

Boss: Yah, they relaunching the old Nokia 3310

Me: How old is it sia?

Boss: Aiya, you wouldn’t know. It was during my time

Just a disclaimer, I grew up at a time where flip phones were the “in” thing.

Boss: Nevermind, go read about it and do a story on it.

Me: Okay boss!

So this is how I have landed myself in this situation—talking about the new Nokia 3310 that is going to be available in Singapore.

For those who have no inkling of what I am talking about.

Here is a picture of the old Nokia 3310 that was all the rage in the 90s.


Now I know what my boss was talking about.

My dad used to own one.

The only memory I have of this phone—taking my dad’s phone and playing Snake.


I can see why the older generation—Gen X—are feeling nostalgic about it.

I mean I would too if it was a flip phone aka Motorola Razr that is making the comeback.

Earlier this year, at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Nokia announced the launch of the new and improved Nokia 3310.

It wasn’t clear if it will be available in Singapore since it ran on 2.5G speed (2.5G networks have been phased out since April 2017).

According to Channel NewsAsia, HMD Global Oy (which bought the Nokia business) announced on Thursday (28 October) that Nokia 3310 3G will be available in Singapore from October.

I can hear my parents and uncles rejoicing in happiness.


It definitely looks modern—compared to its ancient cousin—and it comes in four different colours.

Azure, Yellow, Warm Red and Charcoal.

It still retains the iconic aesthetic features, like its keypad.

It comes in with dual-SIM capabilities, Bluetooth and the much-raved about 3G connectivity (on this phone).

SO IT MEANS I can tweet and check my Facebook?

Yes, you can!


The only downside is that it has no front camera and the rear camera is only 2mp.

I would close one eye to the fact that it has no front camera.
But the rear camera’s MP is the kiss of death (for me).

If only its MP was higher, I would get it (what can I say, I have a penchant for nostalgic items).

Okay, back to its spec.

It has storage of 64 MB and before you start rolling your eyes, it has a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB.


Not too shabby.

I remember how addictive the game, Snake, was.

Now it gets an update and to be honest, it actually looks cool in a very retro way.


All in all, it is a classic phone that has adapted to suit in an APPLE/SAMSUNG world. It will definitely be a hit on the older generation, given its 3G connectivity and they won’t really bother taking selfies.

This would be the neat little gift for your parents or grandparents.

It will be available at all authorised retailers, though there isn’t an exact price, it is said to be below $100.

So don’t say it is too expensive hor!

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