Remember iPod? Here’s What Has Happened to It Now

Once upon a time, there was the iPod. You could download as many songs as you could squeeze into it, and listen to your favourite tunes all day and night long.

Then came the iPhone and everything went into the smartphone of the century.

So what happened to the iPod? Is it still being sold to the masses?

Sadly, no. Apple has decided to discontinue both the iPod and its cousin, iPod Shuffle.

No more gadgets from the company that’s solely for music. Get out your tissues, everyone. It’s about to get sad and heavy.

Image: Apple

Goodbye, Old Friend

WELL, it’s not fresh news, but in actual fact Apple stopped producing iPods close to three years ago. And in July this year, the company has decided to shelve its more affordable sister products, namely iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.

If you take a look at Apple’s website today, you’ll find that iPod products are no longer listed for sale there.

What has happened, instead, is that they’ve minimised the iPod models to only that of iPod Touch. This comes with the storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB.

While both Nano and Shuffle came out more than 12 years ago, its main selling points were that they were compact and also had a lower price tag.

Since the inception of the iPhone, sales of MP3s as well as pure musical gadgets dropped drastically. The iPod Touch came to be to serve the needs of young kids and teens who weren’t really ready for an iPhone, yet were allowed access to music by their parents.

Image: Core77

Steve Jobs himself couldn’t have said it better – he mentioned that the iPhone is possibly the best iPod Apple has made. To top it all off, there’s now many apps to get music from – Spotify lah, iTunes lah. Who needs to download songs when you can readily stream them online and listen straightaway?

In 2014, the then Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer also spoke about the expected decline of iPods. He said that he expects good old MP3 players to drop as time goes by, simply because everyone will start “cannibalizing” themselves through iPhones and iPod Touches.

Come to think of it, it is true right? We’ve grown accustomed to new tech, that old tech is obsolete and no longer required. In this case, the victim was iPod lor.

Image: YouTube

Hmm… What do you think? Do you miss the iPod, or do you think it was overdue for retirement anyway, and are glad to hear that it was struck off in 2014? You might have mixed feelings, but in a way, having a smartphone does change things.

No need alarm clock, no need diary, forget about even carrying a tablet or iPad around. All you need is your iPhone or Android phone, and you’re good to go.

Music? Check. Social Media? No need to say one mah. Photos? Camera what?

Looks like Apple was right. Goodbye iPods. And at least for now, there’s still iPod Touch to use if you really wanna feel nostalgic.

Anyone remembers Walkman?

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