People Born in These Chinese Zodiac Signs Will Huat in the Rooster Year

The Chinese Zodiac signs- I’m sure we are all familiar with how the cycle of 12 years repeats itself, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes.

Will you finally have better luck this year to Huat? Let’s find out according to your Chinese Zodiac signs!

But of course, just a disclaimer: this is merely just for reference. After all, luck is all about preparedness meets opportunity, isn’t it?

Luck: Excellent 

Zodiac Signs: Ox, Dragon, Horse, Monkey

Congratulations if your zodiac sign falls under this category this year!

Since these zodiac signs are compatible with Rooster, as of 2017, they will have good development in the luck sector. Your luck cycle will be turning for the better; lady luck will be smiling on you, so go out there and don’t be afraid of taking chances!

Luck: Good 

Zodiac Signs: Rat, Tiger, Snake, Sheep

Not too bad if your zodiac sign falls into this category this year!

Luck will generally be average this year, with not much fluctuations and downfalls due to the presence of auspicious stars. So even if your zodiac sign doesn’t get the best of luck, your year will still be relatively smooth sailing. Thanks to these auspicious stars protecting you from the inauspicious ones, 2017 will be a year of stability for you.

Luck: Average

Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Rooster, Dog, Pig

Time to take a step back this year!

Luck will not be an endowment for you this year, due to inauspicious stars and conflicts with Tai Sui in the Rooster year. You will experience ups and downs in luck that will affect other areas in your life such as interpersonal relationships, careers and wealth. Hence, it is advised that you should take precautions and be more careful with decision-making, avoid high-risk activities and pay more attention to your surroundings.

Don’t fret; while your chances of striking big in the Rooster year ain’t that big, you will still be able to take care of your wealth with more caution. The luck cycle will change every year, so your luck won’t be permanently stagnant. Better luck next year?

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