The Popular Hi-Chew Chewy Sweet Is Now Available In Ice Cream Version!

Remember the hi-chew candy we used to eat as kids? For me, these sweets hold a fond memory of my childhood as it used to be something my friends would pass around in class when I was in Primary school.

And since these sweets didn’t come cheap, we would always ‘ration’ them by eating these sweets as slowly as possible.

For those who do not know how the Hi-Chew Japanese sweet look like, here’s a picture of it:

And if you haven’t tried them out yet, I highly urge you to do so because you are truly missing out on something great! 

These Hi-Chew candies are popular across Japan and also known for their firm, chewy texture. Though this is just a rectangular piece of candy, what many of us love most about the sweet would be the white outer wrap and purple center filled with mouthwatering grape flavor! And what’s better than a Hi-chew candy?

A Hi-Chew Ice Cream!

In a bid to revamp these Hi-chew sweets, Japanese confectionery company Morinaga is recreating into a cool ice cream bar. 

From 29th May 2017 onwards, these grape-flavored Hi-Chew ice bars will go on sale at convenience stores across Japan. And just like the grape-flavoured candy, the ice-cream bars will also contain real fruit juice like the candy and the soft inner center will also be surrounded by a sweet, slightly tart grape-flavored outer shell.

The catch? Well, these hi-chew bars will first be launched in Japan. But hey, if you are flying over to Japan anytime soon, this might be something that you would want to check out at their convenience stores!

The Hi-Chew ice cream bars will cost 130 yen (SGD$1.60) each! There’s nothing like a cooling ice cream bar to bring the heat down, right? 

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