Remember Olinda Cho? She’s Also Going to Be Jay Chou’s Mentee in Sing! China

It looks like Nathan Hartono has more than done Singapore proud; he has left behind a grand legacy that not only boosts Singapore’s profile, but also invite fellow Singaporeans to step up and showcase their talents.

The handsome singer participated in China’s version of The Voice to roaring appraisal and fanfare, and even found himself being Jay Chou’s mentee last year. While it’s unfortunate that he didn’t win in the end, finishing runner-up in such a strongly-contested competition surely speaks volumes about his talent.

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Recently, another singer, Joanna Dong, followed his footsteps and became Jay Chou’s mentee in the latest Sing! China season.

Guess what? It’s just the first of many.

Two up-and-coming singers have heeded Hartono’s call, and have found their own mentors on the acclaimed show.

Olinda Cho, the second runner-up of the very first season of Singapore Idol in 2004, is one of them.


If you’re old enough, you’ll remember her as the powerhouse who could belt out songs without even using a mic due to her strong vocals.

She actually participated in the previous season of Sing! China, but didn’t make it past the blind auditions.

The show’s producers invited her for a second round, however, and she decided to step up and give it another try. It was the stuff of fairy tales. After her performance, a whopping three celebrity mentors wanted her on their teams: Jay Chou, Na Ying and Liu Huan.

The ballad goddess Na Ying even gave her 100 marks!

Olinda ultimately chose the charismatic Chou in the end, because he would allow her to express her freedom and she was the free-spirited kind. The fact that she sang Chou’s song, Secret, helped her choice too.

Stella Seah is the other half of the duo. Signed to local label Ocean Butterflies, she won Starhub TV’s singing contest SunSilk Academy Fantasia in 2012 and released her own Mandopop EP titled Wings of Dreams in 2014.


Her performance intrigued Na Ying and Eason Chan, both of whom wanted her on their teams straight away. She ultimately chose Na Ying, reason being that Chan had a team of singers like her, and Na Ying did not have one. She thought that by joining Na Ying’s team, she could get to learn more.

Now, with more Singaporeans in the competition, the chances of us winning is going to be higher.

Unless, that is, someone failed their maths #justsaying

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