Riders in Foodpanda earn up to $6,000 per month. Seriously?

Would you like to earn up to $6,000 a month doing food delivery? If so, it seems like Foodpanda is looking for you. In an article published earlier this week, The New Paper wrote about the demand of deliverymen.

Even without statistics, it’s common sense: with more people buying online, it’s no surprise that courier service is growing at an exponential rate. Even the founder of 77th Street has jumped on the bandwagon with her courier service FastFast.

But companies have “Uber-ized”: with technology, courier companies no longer need to maintain a fleet of vehicles and drivers. All they need is a software to connect customers and people with vehicles, and then take a cut from the transaction.

Okay, so we all know these factors contribute to deliverymen being in demand, but here’s the shocker: in The New Paper article, Foodpanda said that some of its riders make up to $6,000. Wah. I can’t help but to check out the pay online because we often use Foodpanda to deliver food to our office. Over in their recruitment website, here’re the rates:

Work in CBD: $9.50 per hour
Work in other areas: $9.00 per hour
Per trip: $5 on weekday or $7 on weekend

The last I remember, when I was working as a part-timer ten years ago, $4 per hour was the market rate. Okay, I digress. Now, let’s do the maths. Let’s say a rider works ten hours a day (full shift at 11 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with two hours break), seven days a week: that’ll be 280 hours per month (presuming it’s a February).

Let’s say he did one delivery per hour: that’s a totality of $1,560 per month. If the basic is $2,660 (in CBD), that means the total will be $2,660 (basic) + $1,560 (trips) = $4,220.

Since we couldn’t add more hours (you’re working 70 hours per week, dude!), we could add more trips. If the fellow does three trips per hour, that’ll be $2,660 (basic) + $4,680 (trips) = $7,340. Okay, so it’s doable after all.

But just like any job, here lies the caveat: are you willing to work hard, delivering to two to three places per hour? If so, the sky is indeed your limit.

In fact, if so, many people will be willing to pay you $6,000 a month—or even more. Disclaimer: I might be wrong in my calculation. This is just a guide based on Foodpanda’s website here.

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Top Image: Lee Yiu Tung / Shutterstock.com

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com