Samsung Galaxy S8 Allegedly Facing Even More Battery Issues

Last year, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users faced some charging issues; they were unable to charge it when their phone dies.

And now Samsung Galaxy S8 (and some Galaxy Note 8) users are facing another annoying issue—the screen comes to life randomly, essentially draining the battery’s life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s screen has a life of its own

Typically, when you don’t touch your phone, the screen won’t light up but for some weird reason, the said phone model allegedly “wakes up” to the home screen.

Take a look:

Affected users have expressed their dilemma on Reddit and the official Samsung Community.


Even after clearing the cache and starting the phone in safe mode, the problem persisted.


Those who have flip cases weren’t spared as well.

According to this user, even after trying a factory reset and soft reset, the screen stayed lit, despite the case being closed.


And the user realised that the phone battery is draining rapidly to about (50-60%).

Here is a video of the issue in question:

What did Samsung Say?

According to Indian Express, a Samsung moderator in a community forum told the users to try soft resetting the phone to solve the issue.

As mentioned earlier, that didn’t work. As of writing time, there isn’t any formal statement from them.

But given Samsung’s history with their phones, I, as an apple user, would love to hear what they have to say. 😊

Just be happy that there are no explosions!

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