Samsung Galaxy S9 To be Launched in Singapore on 16 March 2018. Here’s What You Need to Know before Getting It.

All you Android users, planning on queuing for the new Samsung Galaxy S9? Don’t be too impetuous and let’s go through if this new product is a yay or a nay.

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Samsung has been, and still tops the chart in terms of the world’s largest and biggest smartphone company, doubling Apple’s market share by almost 100% in Q2 2017 despite suffering from it’s fiasco of its Galaxy Note 7 series in 2016.

So what’s so good about S9? Let’s do a short comparison to see what’s the changes and upgrades done from S8 to S9.

Difference in Appearance

S9 compared to the S8 is about 0.5-07mm larger and heavier than S8.

There’s also a change in fingerprint sensor location.

The fingerprint sensor on S8 was originally placed (awkwardly) on the right of the back camera; as for the S9, it is directly below the back camera which makes it more user friendly and easier when you want to unlock your device. 

Difference in Interior

The main and biggest change from the S8 and S9 has to be the camera quality. With the new S9, you can actually adjust your aperture from f/2.4 to f/1.5.

This is absolutely necessary (and a blessing) for people who want to film in lowlight and/or bright places. Up to date, this is actually the highest aperture found in a smartphone. Not only the aperture has been changed, but now on the new S9, it can film up to 960 frames!

Samsung has also changed the audio output of S9. It has incorporated stereo speakers as well as surround sound by Dolby Atmos Technology (remember the voice that says “all around you” in the cinema before movies? Yeaps this is the same Dolby company)

But of course, you’ll understand better with visuals. Watch the video below to see what we’ve been talking about!

In Conclusion

Looking at the “upgrades” from S8 and S9, I personally feel there hasn’t been much changes to its specs, battery, etc. It is more of an upgrade to in terms of camera settings, as well as the quality produced. As for the upgrade of the camera, the market price of S9 is almost 100 euro more expensive, as compared to the S8 when it first came onto the market.

Now, do you think it is necessary to queue for the S9?

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