Selling Stuff in Social Media? You Can’t Do The ‘PM Me’ Thingy in M’sia Soon

There’s no simpler way to make money online than selling your stuff and products. It’s so much fun, advertising your items and getting messages from potential buyers, receiving your payment and finally, shipping off your item to its brand-new owner, wherever he may be.

Do you, however, sell your items to customers outside Singapore, especially to our friendly neighbours in Malaysia?

You might wanna sit back and rethink your selling strategy for customers there. This includes how you word out your item that’s on sale on Facebook and Instagram.

Why ah, you ask?

Well, just about a week ago, the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry of Malaysia informed the public that they are keeping an eye on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, especially on posts that come with messages saying “PM Me”.

The online sellers are actually breaching the law for sales as they are not providing the full price for their goods. Some don’t have a proper product description. Others miss out the name of the company, its owners, the company’s registration number and contact details.

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Online sellers are, in fact, subject to the same laws as face-to-face sellers.

Here’s the kicker.

If a person is found guilty of breaking these terms, he or she can get a fine of up to RM50,000, SERVE a jail term of up to 3 years, or be subject to both conditions.

The governmental body says that they are now enforcing the law in full to online sellers after providing them with a timeframe for the initial adjustment. Their concern is primarily on the buyers – they want to make sure that the consumers are safeguarded from any extra hidden charges.

As buyers, I am sure you can also agree. Suddenly the price is so high, and when you make the payment they ask to top up coz “the promo ended already lah”. SO annoying I tell you.

Mr Roslan Mahayudin, the enforcement director of the ministry also said that they do not want consumers ever having to “PM” sellers if they’re interested. The ministry doesn’t see any issues with established online websites like Lazada and Zalora.

It’s more the smaller entrepreneurs that operate on social media websites. You know, those individuals selling on Facebook and Instagram (which is quite popular in Malaysia).

His most striking point was this, “Display your prices, or we will come after you,”. He also informed the public to work with the authorities to further solidify the stance in making sure that all online sellers follow the proper requirements.

Online fraud in e-commerce could substantially drop with this extra measure. A couple of years back, the Malaysian Government introduced the Consumer Protection (Electronic Trading Transaction) Regulations 2012 to rope in online traders that were unscrupulous.

Good move by you guys. As for those of you who are selling online in Malaysia, do take note to ensure that all your posts come with the right details and are in 100% compliance to the online selling regulations.

You don’t want to go and stay in jail now, right? I mean, while we don’t know how they’re going to back-trace Singaporeans, it’s good to stay on the right side of the law. And be honest retailers.

Because that’s what consumers really want, and need.

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