S’pore Cafè Now Makes Desserts That Look Like Fast Food & They’re Too IG-Worthy

Take a long, hard look at this image.

Then tell us what you see.

Image: Facebook (Cake Avenue Singapore)

Did you see burgers, fries and hot hotdogs? Think this is Swensen’s?

You’re wrong. They’re all desserts.

This awesome dessert place has come up with a range of drooling desserts that looks like FAST FOOD! Yes, desserts in the form of fast food.

If you think this is yet another creation by Non Entree Desserts, the cafe popular for turning any dishes into dessert, you’re wrong. Here comes a new challenger: Cake Avenue located in Kilat Centre.

According to their Facebook page, these delectable desserts have just arrived from 1 Sep 2017. Six different creations are made and they are part of the Diner Food Creations series from Cake Avenue.

Other than turning burgers into sugar, they do customization of cakes as well, and seeing this, you would have to agree that their 4.6 stars rating in Facebook should be completely legit.

Image: Facebook (Cake Avenue Singapore)

And oh, if you just want to grab something for lunch and dinner, fret not; they’re more than just a cake shop, with even baked rice in their menu.

Having rice for your lunch and burger as your dessert is now a reality!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Cake Avenue)


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