Smokers, There’s Going To Be Even More Places You Cannot Smoke At After 1 Oct 2017

I‘ll be very honest with you, smokers are a poor lot.

And not just because they spent all their money on cigarettes.

They also feel discriminated against by society because the government is chasing them out into the sun.


If you want to indulge in a cigarette or two, that is.

Although with that being said, smoking is bad so try to kick the habit, alright?

But for those folks who can’t kick the reason yet for various reasons (I feel you, bro), here’s something that’ll make you feel even more like an outcast.

Smoke-Free Areas To Be Extended To School Outdoor Compounds


It was reported that from 1 Oct 2017 onwards, outdoor areas of school compounds like NTU and NUS, and private institutes like SIM Institute will become smoke-free zones.

So good luck if your class is in the middle of NTU campus. You’ll have to walk out to get a smoke.

Oh, and here’s the kicker. There’s also a five-metre smoke-free radius for schools all the way from child-care centres to universities.

Of course, the school is still allowed to place a designated smoking point within the compound for students.

The school will be held responsible for the smoking point so remember to thank your school’s board members if they allow you this small mercy, okay?

And it’s not just the schools, Private Car Hires are also smoke-free zones


Also with effect from 1 Oct 2017, private car hires like Uber and Grab cars, together with excursion buses and trishaws will be designated smoke-free zones.

So that car that you rented for personal use and a sideline income? Yes, you cannot smoke inside anymore.

Smoking was already banned from trishaws and excursion buses when there are passengers on board.

But with this new ruling, drivers and passengers are now banned from smoking in the transport vehicles.

Regardless if there’s anyone else on board or not.

NEA will give chance for the first three months

From October to January, NEA promised to give chance and only issue verbal warnings to people caught smoking in the new smoking prohibited zones.

But they did warn that if you have been “verbally warned” too many times, they’ll take enforcement actions against you.

A fine of up to $1,000 can be slapped against you if caught so take care out there, alright?

And with this, that makes 32,000 premises and locations (including Orchard Road) smoke-free.

Next up on “Smoke-Free S’pore”smokers in Singapore are required to cross the causeway to JB if they want to smokeAnd they have to pay a special smokers’ entry tax each time they clear customs.

Wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

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