S’pore Kickstarter Has a Wearable Hidden Pinhole Camera & It’s Over-funded ‘Coz We Love to Stomp

The thing with using a camera, even when it’s on your smartphone, is that you need to hold it in your hands.

Thanks to that, you’re pretty much occupied and you can’t really work some magic and record yourself doing it at the same time.

Enter FOMOCamera. It’s called the world’s most personalized camera. You can wear it just like a button badge, and the best part of it is that it’s completely handsfree.

Yes, there’s no need to exert any effort to record something anymore. It makes the perfect digital travel companion, and even if you’re just someone who wants to record your everyday life, this camera has got you covered.

It has a micro USB port, and a clip mount as well as a magnetic mount. The designs are pretty funky too!

When the startup opened a Kickstarter account to get funds of $18,000. To date, a grand total of $85,768 has been pledged by 1,481 backers.

Kudos, guys.

Here’s more details about the camera.

Image: Gogi

It basically looks like a badge, but it can be personalized to suit you. If you want, you can even change up the way your FOMOCamera looks any date of the year.

FOMOCamera comes equipped with 16 gigs of high-speed memory, as well as 1080-pixel FULL HD recording. It is also water resistant, so if you want to jump into the pool with your pals or just go diving while you’re on holiday, you’re all set with this amazing camera.

How does it work though?

There’s a button on the back of the “badge”, to turn it on, hold onto the button for 2 seconds until you see the light flash. If you want to switch it off, simply apply the same 2 seconds of pressing until the lights go out.

To record, press the button after you’ve switched on the FOMOCamera. The recording will go on until you press the button again to motion the device to stop recording.

See? Very simple lah. Everything press one button only. And the camera weighs no more than 40 grams you know.

Image: Gogi

The camera is split into 5 parts – the outer shell, the DIY template, FOMO, Brooch-pin mount and finally the clip mount.

If you go for the original purchase package, you can pick one out of their 5 designs to dress up your FOMOCamera. This will be the original print that is imprinted onto FOMO’s surface.

Accessories to support FOMOCamera are relatively affordable too, with the standard accessories kit costing $20. You’ll be happy to know that there’s a waterproof case for your FOMOCamera which will be part of this kit.

If you feel that 16GB is simply not enough for you, you can upgrade it to 32GB for an extra $10.

All prices quoted are in US Dollars ya, as the Kickstarter website’s currency option is such.

Hmm… I wonder if I should get myself one of these babies. It can be so, so useful leh.

But come to think about it, won’t this bring Stomp to a whole new level? You won’t even know you’re being filmed.

Guess once this is out, we should just go to Stomp daily if you’ve dug your nose in public #justsaying

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