S’pore Single Mum with Stage 4 Cancer is Asking for Donations & You Really Should Donate After Reading Her Story

Being a single parent is tough. Being a single mother struggling with poverty is even tougher.

But this single mom, Ms Tam Chek Ming, has got it worse than all of them. She’s a single parent supporting a young boy and her mother, struggling with poverty, and fighting an aggressive stage 4 cancer at the same time.

This is probably the literal worst situation to be in. To make matters worse, she had initially thought she could fight off the stage 1C ovarian cancer in 2015. Unfortunately, the specific form of ovarian cancer she was afflicted with was a rare and aggressive form, Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma, which occurs in only 5% of ovarian cancer sufferers.

Late in 2015, after intensive chemotherapy, she was told by the doctors that her cancer had resurged aggressively to stage 4.

Read her story here.

As her cancer had already progressed to stage 4, her treatment now is no longer curative, but entirely palliative. Which means, she cannot get better anymore, and any treatment now is for pain control. If you haven’t caught the hint yet, cancer is really painful.

And the pain is made worse by the fact that she’s never going to see her son grow into a man, and her young son now sees her in pain daily without understanding what’s going on. He’s also going to lose his mother soon.

Right now, Ms Tam has become quite desperate, as her medical fees amount to approximately $139,000 per year, with medication that costs between $5,000 to $8,000 per dose administered once every 3 weeks.

She isn’t covered under any private insurance, and her special cancer treatment is not covered under government subsidy, so even basic survival is an insurmountable challenge for her without outside aid.

Which means, donations are required.

She had already sold off anything and everything she could. Here’s how empty her flat is.

Image: give.asia

Help out a fellow human being in need. Help her to live just a few more years to care for her son, and help her support her son and mother once she passes

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