Staff In S’pore Pet Shop Lost Her Job After Getting Caught Abusing Puppy On Video

In our lovely land of sunshine, we have two golden rules.

First, do not ever, on any account, abuse animals, especially domesticated ones.

It would be a different case if they start biting your leg off like those zombie dogs in horror movies, but what are the chances of that?

Two, do not ever, on any account, perform any ‘discriminatory’ or ‘negatively outrageous acts’ in front of those people they call ‘Stompers’.

Obey these two rules, and you can live your boring life.

Disobey both?

Well, you just gotta ‘voluntarily resign’.

What happened?

On September 7, a Pick-A-Pet employee allegedly started “kicking” and “manhandling” a Japanese Spitz, in a bid to get it back into its cage. It’s unknown how the little critter was out in the first place.

Stomper J happened to spot it, and like a seasoned veteran, she whipped out her phone and started taking a video of the incident.

By then, the employee had resorted to brute force, hurling the dog back into its cage.






The Stomper alerted Pet Lovers Centre (which runs Pick-A-Pet) to the incident through Facebook, and the post has garnered almost 1,400 shares.

In the post, she wrote: “Is this how your staff handle the dogs? This is absolutely disgusting behaviour.”

Pick-A-Pet has since responded.

Image: Pick A Pet Facebook Page


In light of the recent incident and video that was circulated in the media, Pick-A-Pet would like to apologize to the public for this alleged incident.

The staff in question has been reprimanded, counselled and has resigned voluntarily. We agree and understand that in no circumstances should our puppies be treated in such manner.

We have brought the puppy for a full health check to ensure the well being of the puppy and that the puppy has no skeletal damage nor trauma to any parts of its body.

We are thankful for the care and concern that the public has showered the puppy with and we would like to highlight that the one employee’s action does not represent the whole company in our entirety.

Once again, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the public and we hope that you will continue to place your confidence is us.

Image: Pick A Pet Facebook Page

Just an hour ago, Pet Lovers Centre Singapore released a Facebook post, following up on Pick A Pet’s apology.

Image: Pet Lovers Centre Singapore Facebook Page


We sincerely apologise for the incident that happened on September 7 at Pick-A-Pet, a tenant of ours at The Pet [email protected] As an organisation that promotes the humane treatment of animals, we were appalled by the conduct of Pick-A-Pet’s employee who was caught on video. We at Pet Lovers Centre definitely do not condone such behaviour.

According to Pick-A-Pet’s management, the employee in question has since been reprimanded, counselled and she has voluntarily resigned. Because of the incident, the puppy in the video was given a full health check by a veterinarian, who promptly reported that the puppy had no skeletal damage or trauma to any part of its body. You may refer to Pick-A-Pet’s social networking accounts for more information.

This incident does not at all reflect the way we treat animals at Pet Lovers Centre. We always ensure that all animals are treated with proper care, whether they are in our own stores or in our tenants’ stores. We make sure that we conform to all guidelines from regulatory agencies and animal organizations. We will continue to remind our employees regarding the proper handling of pets in our stores.

As to the question of focusing solely on adoption, we appreciate the fact that there are people in Singapore who prefer to buy pets rather than adopt. We see this as a matter personal choice — a choice that we respect, just as we respect those who rightfully and personally prefer to adopt. Our desire is to respect all, to love all, and to serve all.

We want to thank the responsible individuals and the public in general for bringing this matter to our attention. Pet Lovers Centre’s guiding philosophy when it comes to providing care for the animals in our shops and service for our customers has always been our love and passion for pets and pet owners.


Honestly, we can’t judge the employee because we don’t yet know her real intentions when she was trying to get the dog back in its cage.

What we do know, however, is that she had forcibly thrown the dog in, and it had looked painful even from an image point of view.

Unless you’re protecting yourself, you should never treat an animal that way.

Just picture this: someone’s babysitting your child, and he refuses to get back in his bed. Irritated, the babysitter literally takes your baby as an American football and launches a glorious ‘Hail Mary’ right back into bed.

You’ll probably cry.

It’s the same for animals. What, you’re telling me that just because it’s not yours, you can do whatever you want with it?

Well, I guess she’s been punished enough though. On top of being reprimanded and losing her job, she’s also got to deal with all the online backlash.

Luckily her identity wasn’t revealed, or it will have been a living hell.

But Pet Lovers Centre sure have been quick on the uptake, huh? They had the dog go through a health check, and made sure that the employee faced the music accordingly.

Well, who would blame them? They’ve got a business to run, and if news got out that they are an animal-abusing organization, no animal lovers would ever approach them again.

But that’s just me! What about you? Is your blood boiling at the outrageous act, or are you like ‘Meh, I’ve seen worse’?

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