Taiwan Bubble Tea That Has Flavoured Pearls, PlayMade, is Now in S’pore

Singaporeans love their bubble tea, from lamenting the death of Gong Cha (which will be soon revived) to being the second nation with the most number of diabetics (oops?).

I have a love-hate relationship with pearls. They take up 1/3 of the cup’s content, and I am paying extra for something that lacks any sort of distinct taste.

But wait.

Now there is a new bubble tea shop in the east of Singapore that offers a myriad of flavoured pearls.

PlayMade opened last weekend at Tampines 1 mall, and it is a Taiwanese brand—丸作.

Image: playmadeonezo Instagram

According to Yahoo Singapore, this is very popular in Taiwan and there is always a long queue in all its 17 outlets.

This would be the brand’s first outpost in Singapore.

With such innovative bubble tea brands in Singapore—LiHo’s cheese tea—PlayMade is here to stand out as well.

Their unique selling point is that their pearls are flavoured.



Image: knowyourmeme.com

It is not your typical basic flavour like chocolate or vanilla.

It is quite unique and for lack of a better word—hipster.

The flavours are white, black sesame, burnt caramel and pink cactus.


Yes, it contains actual cactus!?

The pink cactus pearls are made from pink Penghu cactus—legit stuff.

And judging from their video on Facebook, it looks like everything is handmade.

Introducing 丸作

Bouncing all the way from Taiwan, PlayMade by 丸作 is finally rolling into Singapore! How's 丸作 different from other bubble tea brewers? 3 key ingredients: fresh, all-natural ingredients, exotic flavours native to Taiwan, and lots of love. #tasteMADEtoPLAY #countdowntobeingMADE #6MOREDAYS

Posted by Playmade by 丸作 on Sunday, 24 September 2017

It has already gotten positive feedback from the people who have tried it.

Image: Playmade by 丸作

The pink cactus flavour seems like a hit!

Image: Playmade by 丸作

So is the burnt caramel!

Image: Playmade by 丸作

I guess you can expect more outlets in time to come.

When Gong Cha opens its doors, it has some stiff competition. If this doesn’t die within the first three months, that is.

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