Australian Restaurant Promotes Nasi Lemak But Something is Really Wrong

How does one normally consume the delicacy, Nasi Lemak?

Spoons are a given, some declare.

Forks are the real gladiator, some announce.

We use our hands, some of the more adventurous folks speak up.

As they debate fiercely over the correct way of eating it, a lone figure walks in with the grace and confidence of Tom Hiddleston.

“We use… chopsticks,” he declares, before slapping the table in a sign of victory.

They stare at him blankly.

“My name is Papparich Chadstone, and I’ve got proof,” he smirks.

They look at him, at each other, and finally at him again.

Image: Reaction

PappaRich Australia

PappaRich Australia recently unveiled an advertisement for their $2 Nasi Lemak.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

Which would have been pretty normal and all had it not included a picture of Australians enjoying the delicacy.

Image: Says

With chopsticks.

Whoever the inventor of Nasi Lemak was, I can already imagine him turning over in his grave.

Heck, he might have even dig his way out just to shout, “That’s not how you eat Nasi Lemak you uncivilized pipsqueaks!”


For those who’ve read the official guidebook ‘Eating Arts manual: 18 Intricate Styles of Consuming Nasi Lemak’; they were naturally mortified to discover that their sacred art has been violated.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

But to be fair, not all of them were incensed about it.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

Nasi Lemak 2.0

In response to the overwhelming reception (not really because of their discounted Nasi Lemak), PappaRich Australia has taken down the ‘offensive picture’ from their Facebook Page and posted an interesting video in its stead.

Hands? Chopsticks? Spoon? It’s all good! Pappa says EAT and ENJOY!

Posted by PappaRich Australia on Thursday, 28 September 2017

Titled ‘Pappa Says: Eat It Your Way’, the video goes through the various ways of eating Nasi Lemak: chopsticks, hands and spoon. It ends off with the statement, ‘It’s all good!

While it’s definitely a positive venture from PappaRich to detract from their earlier blunder, Netizens are still not letting it go.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page
Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

But there are people that recognized poor Pappa’s efforts.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

And then the holy gopher himself comes in.

Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

So, who’s right?

Honestly, does it really matter?

I know, this sounds really contradictory, given my earlier tone in the article but the video did get me thinking: does it really matter in the end?

In the end, we are all eating the same delicacy. The only difference’s that you’re using a spoon to eat it, while I’m using chopsticks.

I mean sure; I agree.

Using chopsticks to eat Nasi Lemak isn’t just blasphemy; it’s also a real scatterbug in the pants. Why would you use chopsticks to scoop little grains of rice when you have a perfectly working spoon for that?


But you never know; there might be some that prefer chopsticks for that particular dish. Is it really your business to butt in on how he or she eats?

And yeah, there are the ancient traditions we gotta follow, customary styles that were passed on from generation to generation and all that. I’ve heard it all, I understand; I did digest and puke it back up on countless occasions after all.

But just think about it; if we had stuck to traditions all along, would we have progressed to the society we are today?

Food for thought, hmm?

What about you? Are you on the spoon’s side or the chopsticks’ side?


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Featured Image: PappaRich Australia Facebook Page

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