Telepod’s E-Scooters Stolen After Just 1 Month of Service Teaches You 2 Important Lessons

Have you heard of Telepod? They’re the new kid on the block in the bike-sharing economy.

Or to be more exact, the e-scooter version of it.


When news of this company first appeared on the internet, everyone was wondering if they’ll be okay.

I mean, an e-scooter is definitely worth more than a bicycle, right?

If people are going around vandalising and stealing bicycles in Singapore, what’s stopping them from doing the same to e-scooters?

And they did.

Telepod’s E-Scooters stolen in the middle of the night

Within a month of operations, Telepod reported their first theft of the business.

On 9 July, they posted on their Facebook page about how their e-scooters were stolen from their docking stations in the middle of the night. 

They added that due to the technology within the e-scooters, they were able to track them down and get it all back.

Back when they first started, they told the media that they’ve learnt from the incidents regarding vandalism of bicycles in Singapore and they’ll be taking steps to deter others from doing the same to them.

And it turns out that they did because they never give chance one.

Not only did they manage to recover the stolen e-scooters, they’ve also managed to catch one of the thieves with the help of the police.

They reiterate the law on their Facebook post, telling potential thieves that stealing is a criminal offence.

If you’re caught stealing and found guilty, you may be sentenced up to ten years jail, a fine or both. You might even get 3 strokes of rotan.

Two takeaways you can learn from this incident

1. Telepod is not going to be as nice as Mobike, Ofo and Obike when it comes to criminal acts

If you steal from them, expect them to call the police on you. In other words, not everyone will take your shit.

About time these sharing economy companies stop playing nice, in my own opinion. 

2. Don’t Steal.

If you happen to see someone riding a buzzing Telepod e-scooter, it’s stolen from the company. 

Call Telepod and let them deal with it.

Who knows, with any luck, thieves will stop stealing and we’ll still have some good things going on in Singapore. 

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