There’s Now a Tinder for Food. Here’re the Deets

In this day and age, your soulmate could be one swipe away.

Yes, I am talking about the dating app, Tinder which is regularly used among single millennials.

For the less initiated Tinder is like—you know the saying there are tons of fishes in the sea?

That’s what you get in this app.

You will come across many fishes aka your future lover/fling and all you have to do is swipe left (if you are not feeling the person) or swipe right (if it is love at first sight)

Pro tip: Don’t include a group photo because people will assume that the most unattractive one in the group is you.

Tinder might have made things easy peasy, especially if you’re a sloth like me who rarely goes out.


But the results can be the same aka disappointing, just like dating back in the 90s or early 00s.

Your potential date might catfish you or you could be in a restaurant realising that the person you have been chatting for weeks is boring as *** in person and you end up ordering more cocktails so that they might seem interesting….


Ummm, I am not talking about my personal experience.

Just a hypothetical scenario.

*coughs* *coughs*

We can never be too sure about dates but we can be sure about one thing—food.

They will never break your heart or disappoint you.


The only redeeming factor about the said date was the tantalising Mexican grub that the restaurant offered.

Ooops, I mean in that hypothetical situation, I would assume that the restaurant was serving sumptuous Mexican fare.

Now you can enjoy good food but without the bad date, saving you from lifelong trauma.

Wine n Dine is a food app that allows you to swipe left or right on dishes that are in your area.

The app is very heavy on visuals and you have to judge the food by just looking at the pictures (just like Tinder ‘coz nobody is actually reading the bio section).


Sounds like every foodie’s dream!

So I decided to download the app to check it out for myself.

But to my dismay, no results were found.

It is safe to say that this app is only available in U.S. as of writing time, although it can be downloaded in Singapore.


I am sure it will be a big hit in Singapore since we, Singaporeans are self-professed foodies and we have endless options when it comes to food.

Someone, please make it available in Singapore!

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