This Presumably Real Demands for a GF by a S’porean is The Reason Why Some of Us Are Still Single

So, a thread in Hardwarezone just caught our attention: 33 year old Singaporean, drawing $7k sgd a month cannot find gf anybody can help?

Well, apparently the thread is started for a friend, so we presumed it is for a “friend”. But when we open the thread, our eyes went wide open for a few minutes. Not because it’s interesting, but it’s almost…hilarious.

And yes, it supposed to be a serious discussion.

Here’s what was written:

  • 33 year old IT manager
  • $7k sgd a month
  • Stay with parents
  • Saves 50% of salary
  • Has gone on numerous dates but cannot find suitable life partner to settle down with  :

Gf criteria

  • Can cook
  • Can do housework
  • Wants to have at least 3 children
  • Must exercise regularly to stay in shape
  • Must be able to hold intellectual conversations
  • Must save at least 30% of her salary
  • Must treat his parents well
  • Must not demand a car
  • Cannot take taxi too often
  • Must dress decently but be stylish and classy
  • Eyes cannot be smaller than his
  • Must be more talkative than him because he does not talk much
  • His friends must approve of her 

While we don’t deny that he himself has got pretty good qualities, from his higher-than-average salary and that discipline to save so much of his monthly salary, we can’t help but to highlight a few points that we just, well, make us go “WHAT!?” and why we think so.

Can cook
It’s 2017. It’s Singapore. People all eat out. Why is this a need instead of a want?

Can do housework
While it’s good to have…but earning $7,000 does entitle a domestic helper, isn’t it?

Must be able to hold intellectual conversations
Finding a wife or a professor? A couple seldom holds intellectual conversation—because you stay with her in the bedroom and not in an office / classroom. The last place to hold such conversations is in your bedroom, right?

Must save at least 30% of her salary
Just because one saves 50%, the wife must save 30%? It’s already very good for one to save 20%, not to mention 10%…

Eyes cannot be smaller than his
Okay, we give up. If you can’t help but die die want to join in the discussion, here’s the link.

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This article was first published on in 2015 and revised on 12 July 2017.

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