Turns out Chang Er Also Have to Take the MRT ‘Coz COE too Expensive

You know the COE prices in Singapore are bad when even a goddess has to take the MRT.

Image: Stomp

No kidding.

That beard, though

On September 28, Stomper Will spotted the moon goddess, Chang Er taking the North East Line.

There was a twist though; this ‘moon goddess’ wasn’t the conventional one we were all expecting. I mean; ‘she’ had a damn beard going on.

Decked out in a yellow and pink robe with matching headgear, the flowery man turned a lot of heads, so to speak.

Image: Stomp

Not all the reactions were positive though.

According to our friendly neighbourhood guy Will’s interview with Stomp, many were amused and some went to take photos with him.

“However, there were also those who appeared awkward by his presence and others who just ignored him.

What does Will think?

“I thought it was fascinating!”

Chang Er eventually alighted at Chinatown.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp

See you, Chang Er! Let’s meet up sometime again over some mooncakes and tea, yeah?

He’s got lots of balls

Alright, now for the long-awaited review section, where we try our best to make sense of stuff even if we know Trump about it.

First up, I would like to applaud him on his sheer bravado. Just saying but I would rather date Emma Watson than wear the dude’s clothes and take public transport.

Second up, we are unsure whether it’s a publicity stunt, but chances are next to nil.

According to your good man Will, Chang Er wasn’t carrying any goodies whatsoever when serenading the MRT.

It makes us question, why did he do it then?

Thirdly, an article will never be completed without some of our lovely Netizens’ input, so let’s put our hands together and welcome their bombastic comments!

Image: Stomp

But of course, we would always have the snarky ones.

Image: Stomp

Well, to each his own.

Mid-Autumn Festival

On another note, rejoice, for the mooncake festival will be dawning upon us this October 4th!

Stand a chance to get fat by clamping down on those oh-so-awesome-mooncakes-that-are-pretty-much-hidden-caloric-bombs-like-the-fried-chicken-your-mum-makes.

It can’t get any better than that!

And to celebrate the occasion, you’re entirely entitled to do a la Chang Er and grace the train tubes with your honorary presence.

I don’t think anyone will mind.

Oh yeah, there’s the mooncake police.

But who cares?

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Feature Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

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